After One Year in the Japanese Market, Xbox One Has Sold Over 54,000 Units

Xbox One has sold over 54,000 units in Japan, according to new sales figures from Media Create.

Xbox One has been available in the market for 2 years now, and it is doing well enough in U.S, U.K and other regions. However, not so good in Japan after 12 months in the market.

The console is showing embarrassing performance in Japan as it has only sold over 54,000 units since its release, according to figures from Media Create.

On the other hand, PlayStation 4 has sold around 1.6 million units, which may sound impressive but Sony would have liked the number to be higher considering Japan is its home turf.

Even after decades in the gaming industry, Microsoft is yet to figure out how to handle their Xbox division in Japan.

Japanese market is tough as it lean towards portable platforms such 3DS. The handheld is the most dominant piece of gaming hardware in Japan right now, providing over 19 million sales to Nintendo, while worldwide sales are over 50 million.

Nintendo is currently planning its next platform called the NX, which is the successor to Wii U. Nintendo is planning to introduce both a new console and a handheld as part of the NX project, according to rumors.

If Microsoft wishes to compete in Japan, I think it should work on a portable device like the 3DS as well. Something that has value as a standalone device, as well as a companion device for Xbox One.

Anyways, how do you see Microsoft’s performance so far in Japan and in the west?

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