After Four Months in Early Access, Moonrise is Axed

Undead Labs has cancelled Moonrise after 4 months in Early Access.

Moonrise was in early access for around 4 months but developer Undead Labs have axed the project. What happened with Moonrise is disappointing and it sure is sad for creators of the game.

After Moonrise went into beta in May, many players loved it but there was a huge number of players who played the game for a few days and moved on to something else.

This led developers to believe that there is no point in continuing with the project, and that they should also move on.

Jeff Strain, company founder said:

What we’ve found is that while some people really love Moonrise, there were unfortunately many more people who played the game and then moved on after a few days.

For a standalone, offline game that might be fine; but for an online game with significant server hosting costs and an expectation for ongoing development and new content, it can mean a game that not only doesn’t pay for it’s development costs, but might even cost money to operate.

Moonrise is no longer available to download and those who already have the game, can play it till December 31, 2015.

Were you playing Moonrise? What do you think of its cancellation.

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