Ace Combat 7 Aircrafts Unlocks Guide – How to, Best Aircrafts, Stats

A man’s best friend is his aircraft, at least when it comes to Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. In our Ace Combat 7 Aircrafts Guide below, we share details of every plane model including their cost and some of the common attributes associated with them. We’ll then select our top picks for planes in each category so you’ll always be the king of the skies.

Ace Combat 7 Aircrafts Unlocks

All air jets in Ace Combat 7 fall in three categories or roles: fighter, attacker, and multi-role that represent the highlighted color icons: blue, red and purple respectively.

Boasting different attributes, the planes are suited for different functions and objectives. The fighter plane excels when it comes to destroying air-based targets, while the attacker planes are better suited to taking on ground-based targets.

The fighter planes also, generally, boost greater speed and acceleration so they can engage in dogfights more effectively. For the attacker planes, they come with a more effective arsenal of weapons to boost damage.

Lastly, the multi-role planes don’t excel in either regard but will not suck at one either, so they’re well-rounded aircraft for multiple functions.

All these details, in addition, the purchase options and part upgrades, can be found in the ‘Aircraft Tree’ of the in-game menu.

Below, you may find relevant details for every plane in the game including the amount required to unlock the aircraft and the specifications for the vehicle.

Description Attributes
F-104C Starfighter Type: Multirole Cost: Complete “Rescue” A slim supersonic interceptor from the Century series of fighters. Its thrusters and small, thin, trapezoidal wings allow it to fly at great speeds, meaning it even stands up to more modern craft. Its nickname is “Starfighter.” Gun: 2600 MSL : 54 FLR: 05 BODY: 42 ARMS: 42 MISC: 42 SAAM x12 GRKT x20 HPAA x12
A-10C Thunderbolt II Type: Attacker Cost: MRP 120,000 A highly durable fighter with heavy weaponry designed for close air support. Its agility at low speeds and its air-to-ground weaponry—including 30mm machine guns—helped it prove its worth in battle. Its nickname is “Thunderbolt II.” GUN: 4800 MSL: 100 FLR: 04 BODY: 36 ARMS: 36 MISC: 36 UGB x40 RKT x40 (MRP 12,000) 4AGM x44 (MRP 12,000)
F-2A Type: Multirole Cost: MRP 105,000 A multirole aircraft based on the F-16. Designed with its country’s needs in mind, it shows its greatest strength in interdictions at sea and can hold its own in aerial combat. Its unofficial nickname is “Viper Zero.” GUN: 2400 MSL: 88 FLR: 05 BODY: 38 ARMS: 38 MISC: 38 LASM x14 HVAA x14 (MRP 9,000) RKT x20 (MRP 9,000)
F-14D Super Tomcat Type: Fighter Cost: MRP 70,000 A large carrier-based fighter that can carry long-range anti-air missiles. Its automatic variable wings allow for superior combat at all speeds and altitudes. Its unofficial nickname, “Super Tomcat,” is derived from the A-model. GUN: 2400 MSL: 84 FLR: 05 BODY: 38 ARMS: 38 MISC: 38 LAAM x12 GPB x14 (MRP 7,500) 8AAM x24 (MRP 7,500)
F-15C Eagle Type: Fighter Cost: MRP 385,000 A large twin-engine air superiority fighter that boasts excellent performance results. Nicknamed “Eagle,” it has great speed, maneuverability, and endurance, allowing it to dominate the skies. GUN: infinite MSL: 104 FLR: 04 BODY: 36 ARMS: 36 MISC: 36 SASM x22 4AAM x28 (MRP 40,000) PLSL x400 (MRP 40,000)
F-15J Type: Fighter Cost: MRP 385,000 A variant of the F-15C, created outside of the original developer’s country. Although fundamentally almost identical to the F-15C, the craft differs in its finer details and choice of weaponry. Like the F-15C, its nickname is “Eagle.” GUN: infinite MSL: 104 FLR: 04 BODY: 36 ARMS: 36 MISC: 36 HCAA x50 SAAM x20 (MRP 40,000) QAAM x12 (MRP 40,000)
F-15E Strike Eagle Type: Multirole Cost: MRP 680,000 A vastly improved version of the double-seater F-15 bomber. Nicknamed “Strike Eagle,” this durable aircraft combines fundamental air combat capabilities with more weaponry than a standard fighter. GUN: infinite MSL: 114 FLR: 04 BODY: 34 ARMS: 34 MISC: 34 6AAM x30 SFFS x30 (MRP 70,000) TLS x20 (MRP 70,000)
F-16C Fighting Falcon Type: Fighter Cost: Free A low-weight fighter developed to, among other things, support large lead air superiority fighters. Featuring the latest technology of its time, such as fly-by-wire, it boasts great dexterity and stability. Its nickname is “Fighting Falcon.” GUN: infinite MSL: 70 FLR: 05 BODY: 40 ARMS: 40 MISC: 40 4AAM x16 GPB x10 (MRP 2,500) SASM x14 (MRP 2,500)
F/A-18F Super Hornet Type: Multirole Cost: MRP 285,000 A versatile carrier-based fighter capable of providing support for aircraft, ground forces, and ships. With better maneuverability at medium speeds than high-speed fighters, it is effective in air raids. Nicknamed “Super Hornet,” the craft is an improved F-Type. GUN: infinite MSL: 98 FLR: 04 BODY: 36 ARMS: 36 MISC: 36 QAAM x10 LASM x16 (MRP 30,000) EML x22 (MRP 30,000)
F-22A Raptor Type: Fighter Cost: MRP 920,000 A stealth aircraft developed as part of the Advanced Tactical Fighter program. For the sake of stealth, the aircraft carries its weapons internally, but can also carry an external weapons box. Its nickname is “Raptor.” GUN: infinite MSL: 136 FLR: 03 BODY: 30 ARMS: 30 MISC: 30 QAAM x18 XSDB x48 (MRP 110,000) 8AAM x48 (MRP 110,000)
F-35C Lightning II Type: Multirole Cost: MRP 840,000 A multirole aircraft with stealth capabilities, the C-model is a carrier-based aircraft used by the navy. Developed in the JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) program, it can take on the role of various craft and is capable of more than just aerial combat. Its nickname is “Lightning II.” GUN: infinite MSL: 124 FLR: 03 BODY: 32 ARMS: 32 MISC: 32 SOD x24 4AAM x36 (MRP 90,000) 8AGM x32 (MRP 90,000)
YF-23 Black Widow II Type: Fighter Cost: MRP 875,000 A large stealth fighter and finalist in the Advanced Tactical Fighter competition. Its advanced speed and stealth capabilities make it ideal for pre-emptive strikes. One nickname for the prototype was “Black Widow II.” GUN: infinite MSL: 124 FLR: 03 BODY: 32 ARMS: 32 MISC: 32 HVAA x24 4AAM x40 (MRP 80,000) UGB x34 (MRP 80,000)
Mirage 2000-5 Type: Multirole Cost: MRP 105,000 A light fighter with delta wings and no horizontal tail wing. The 2000-5 is a multirole fighter with good balance and maneuverability at high speeds. Nicknamed “Mirage”, its fly-by-wire gives it great stability. GUN: infinite MSL: 86 FLR: 05 BODY: 38 ARMS: 38 MISC: 38 GPB x16 4AAM x24 (MRP 9,000) LASM x14 (MRP 9,000)
Rafale M Type: Multirole Cost: MRP 440,000 A versatile omnirole carrier-based aircraft used by both the navy and air force. The M-model follows navy specifications. Its long-range air-to-ground and air-to-air capabilities give it enormous power. Nicknamed “Rafale,” its maneuverability makes it adept at close-range combat. GUN: infinite MSL: 114 FLR: 04 BODY: 34 ARMS: 34 MISC: 34 HCAA x60 LACM x16 (MRP 40,000) LAAM x20 (MRP 40,000)
Typhoon Type: Fighter Cost: MRP 440,000 A multirole fighter jointly developed by multiple countries. Nicknamed “Typhoon,” its delta wings ensure stability, and its powerful armament can take on all types of enemy craft. GUN: infinite MSL: 112 FLR: 04 BODY: 34 ARMS: 34 MISC: 34 LAAM x20 8AGM x24 (MRP 40,000) HCAA x60 (MRP 40,000)
Gripen E Type: Multirole Cost: MRP 270,000 A low-weight multirole fighter. The newly redesigned E-model features a larger body, a retrofitted large-thrust engine, advanced avionics, and more. Its nickname is “Gripen.” GUN: 800 MSL: 96 FLR: 05 BODY: 36 ARMS: 36 MISC: 36 SASM x18 6AAM x24 (MRP 30,000) LACM x14 (MRP 30,000)
MiG-21bis Fishbed Type: Fighter Cost: Complete “Rescue” A classically-designed small, low-weight fighter combining delta wings and horizontal tail wings. While its tricky controls ask a lot of the pilot, it boasts an impressive war record. It also has a number of nicknames on account of its striking appearance in the sky. GUN: 2400 MSL: 62 FLR: 06 BODY: 42 ARMS: 42 MISC: 42 MGP x3600 RKT x16 SAAM x12
MiG-29A Fulcrum Type: Fighter Cost: MRP 65,000 A medium-sized fighter developed as a replacement for contemporary lead planes such as the MiG-21. Its excellent handling makes it a superior fighter, and it was predicted to be pitted against the F-15. Its nickname is “Lastochka,” the Russian word for the swift-flying swallow. GUN: infinite MSL: 96 FLR: 04 BODY: 36 ARMS: 36 MISC: 36 LAAM x16 SAAM x18 (MRP 30,000) PLSL x350: (MRP 30,000)
MiG-31B Foxhound Type: Fighter Cost: MRP 280,000 A large interceptor that boasts high speeds on a world-class scale. It boasts long-range air-to-air missiles loaded with the latest avionics, as well as the ability to fly at high speeds in order to intercept cruise missiles. GUN: N/A MSL: 96 FLR: 04 BODY: 36 ARMS: 36 MISC: 36 LAAM x16 SAAM x18 (MRP 30,000) PLSL x350 (MRP 30,000)
Su-30M2 Flanker-F2 Type: Fighter Cost: MRP 560,000 A multirole fighter based on the Su-30 developed for foreign use but brought back to its homeland. It features retrofitted avionics and a vertical tail wing, as well as enhanced air-to-ground weaponry. GUN: 800 MSL: 112 FLR: 04 BODY: 34 ARMS: 34 MISC: 34 HPAA x20 4AGM x24 (MRP 50,000) 4AAM x32 (MRP 50,000)
Su-30SM Type: Multirole Cost: MRP 850,000 A multirole fighter based on the Su-30 developed internally but available for export. Featuring canards and thrust vectoring nozzles for increased agility, the craft was further enhanced with the latest avionics. GUN: 800 MSL: 126 FLR:03 BODY: 32 ARMS: 32 MISC: 32 6AAM x42 QAAM x16 (MRP 90,000) LAGM x20 (MRP 90,000)
Su-33 Flanker-D Type: Fighter Cost: MRP 290,000 A large carrier-based fighter derived from the Su-27 that was designed for operation on aircraft carriers. Its canard arrangement makes it a top-class craft that is reliable and stable at low-to-mid speeds. GUN: infinite MSL: 98 FLR: 04 BODY: 36 ARMS: 36 MISC: 36 HVAA x16 LASM x16 (MRP 30,000) EML x22 (MRP 30,000)
Su-34 Fullback Type: Attacker Cost: MRP 390,000 A large bomber based on the Su-27. Heavily armed and armored, and capable of high speeds, it is well-equipped to defend itself in aerial combat. GUN: 800 MSL: 112 FLR: 04 BODY: 34 ARMS: 34 MISC: 34 SFFS x30 HCAA x48 (MRP 35,000) 4AGM x32 (MRP 35,000)
Su-35S Flanker-E Type: Fighter Cost: MRP 850,000 A fighter designed to replace the old Su-27. It gets its excellent mobility from the latest avionics and thrust vectoring nozzles. Loaded with a rich armament, it is suited for combat at all ranges. GUN: 800 MSL: 126 FLR: 03 BODY: 32 ARMS: 32 MISC: 32 LAAM x24 6AAM x42 (MRP 90,000) LASM x20 (MRP 90,000)
Su-37 Terminator Type: Fihter Cost: MRP 550,000 A highly agile fighter derived from an improved model of the canard-equipped Su-27M. Loaded with thrust vectoring nozzles, it boasts phenomenal maneuverability even at low pre-stall speeds. GUN: 800 MSL: 110 FLR: 04 BODY: 34 ARMS: 34 MISC: 34 HPAA x20 4AAM x32 (MRP 50,000) TLS x20 (MRP 50,000)
Su-47 Berkut Type: Multirole Cost: MRP 640,000 A large multirole fighter whose unique forward-swept wings give it an instantly recognizable shape and maneuverability that surpasses all craft that came before it. Its nickname is “Berkut.” GUN: 800 MSL: 114 FLR: 04 BODY: 34 ARMS: 34 MISC: 34 SAAM x24 UGB x30 (MRP 60,000) QAAM x14 (MRP 60,000)
Su-57 Type: Fighter Cost: MRP 900,000 A cutting-edge stealth fighter designed to succeed current air superiority fighters. Developed based on the PAK FA program, it features thrust vectoring nozzles, giving it super maneuverability. GUN: 800 MSL: 140 FLR: 03 BODY: 30 ARMS: 30 MISC: 30 4AAM x44 GPB x28 (MRP 110,000) PLSL x650 (MRP 110,000)
X-02S Strike Wyvern Type: Fighter Cost: MRP 2,000,000 AND Complete “Dark Blue”) A fighter developed in Erusea, based on the X-02 but with a vastly improved design. Its unique variable wings give it great combat and speed capabilities, which are unaffected by its heavy armament. Its nickname is “Strike Wyvern”. GUN: 3600 MSL: 146 FLR: 02 BODY: 28 ARMS: 28 MISC: 28 4AAM x52 LASM x24 (MRP 200,000) EML x30: (MRP 200,000)
F-4E Phantom II (DLC) Type: Multirole Cost: Free AND with Pre-Orders Only A large carrier-based fighter designed as an interceptor. The E-model is a variant used by the air force. Though an older craft, its speed records are still impressive. It has other various nicknames around the world in addition to “Phantom II.” GUN: 800 MSL: 126 FLR: 03 BODY: 32 ARMS: 32 MISC: 32 6AAM x42 QAAM x16 LAGM x20

Best Aircrafts

The MiG-29 A is one of the faster planes that also boasts powerful air missiles. The specialty is having a go at mobile targets, though it works perfectly well at ground-based stationary targets as well.

The F-16C also packs a lot of power for a fighter plane with four target lock-ons at a time for missiles and the homing Penetration Bomb that will most likely strike the moving target.

When it comes to Attackers, the A-10C is a good aircraft for ground-based attacks thanks to its Unguided Bomb and multiple lock-on for ground targets.

The Su-34 works surprisingly well in the air as well thanks to its multiple air-to-air missiles and those on the ground as well.

For multirole, the F-35C is a powerhouse when it comes to ground-based targets, with support for destroying eight targets at a given time. It doesn’t shy in the air as well since it can bring down up to 4 targets soaring in the sky.

The Gripen E boasts six air-to-air missiles and even on land, it’s a force to be reckoned with due to its Land Attack Cruise Missile.

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