Abigail From Final Fight Joins the Street Fighter V Roster

Following rumors and speculations, Capcom has announced the next character that will be joining the Street Fighter V roster in the ongoing second season.

During the Evolution Championship Series (EVO 2017) over the weekend, the developer confirmed Abigail as the fourth downloadable character for the game. For those unaware, the hulking brute debuted as a boss in the first installment of Final Fight more than two decades ago.

He has changed a lot since his days as a former enforcer for the Mad Gear Gang. In Street Fighter V, Abigail is a giant that takes up most of the screen and is quite intimidating once he starts approaching his opponent.

From the released trailer, the upcoming character looks to excel in grappling moves and does immense damage once he gets hold of his puny foes. In addition to several command throws, Abigail has an armored running attack that helps him cover distance with ease. Several of his other attacks also make use of armor, including a flip-kick attack that covers almost half of the screen. His Critical Art has him using his opponent as a punching bag.

Much like Hugo, players might have to think twice before trying to trap Abigail in a cross-over. The new character has several recipes for pain and they all begin with a single grappling move.

Capcom has confirmed that Abigail will join the Street Fighter V roster on July 25. He will accompany a new Metro City Bay Area stage, and few cosmetic upgrades for other characters. This includes the Champion’s Choice outfit for Guile, as well as the nostalgia wares for Alex, Juri, and Ibuki.

In May, Street Fighter V received Ed as a new playable character. His fighting style is a mixture of traditional boxing, with a few kicks and projectiles that are based on his inert psycho powers. He is a unique addition to the roster because his special move inputs are designed for simplicity and accessibility.

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