A Mario Movie Might Be Coming By 2020, Nintendo In Talks With Movie Studio

Nintendo might be in talks with a movie studio for a Mario movie in the near future according to Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima.

Nintendo is aware of what their strong points are and one of them is, undeniably, the Mario franchise. In a try to maximize the impact of  Super Mario, Nintendo hyped us with several ways including making Mario’s own cereal brand. Now, the company is thinking of bringing a movie with our favorite plumber to the big screen, possibly featuring the first game’s main story. Would fans get excited about a Mario movie though?

According to Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima, the company is currently in details with a movie studio to make a Mario movie possible. If it all works out as planned, Kimishima estimates that the movie will be out by 2020. There has been a rumor that Nintendo has been in talks with Illumination Entertainment, the studio behind Despicable Me and the Minions for a movie for one of Nintendo’s franchises. Could this be the case?

An announcement in Japanese Nintendo about the aforementioned news reads:

President Tatsumi Kimishima hasn’t officially announced anything regarding the rumoured animated Super Mario Bros. movie yet but told the Kyoto Shimbun he hopes to make an agreement with a partner and to make an announcement soon. Nintendo will be involved in production if the movie goes ahead. Illumination Entertainment are the rumoured partners. The movie should be ready for 2020 if agreed to.

This isn’t the first time a Mario movie is in production though. Remember that 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie that everyone hated? Even though no one acknowledges it as a Mario movie now, it continues gaining popularity as new Super Mario games are getting released according to IMDB.

Right now, Super Mario Odyssey is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch as one of the console’s flagship titles.

What are your thoughts on the news? Would you like to see a Mario movie on the big screen?

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