11-Year Old Boy Leads Cops on a High-Speed Chase for His PlayStation

11-year old Ohio pre-teen takes cops on a high-speed car chase after his mom took his PlayStation gaming consoe away from him.

We all love our PlayStations a little too much when we were kids. But having a PlayStation also meant we had to be at our best behavior all the time or Mom will take it away. It happened to all of us, you do something wrong and the first thing parents do is take your console away.

It is a painful experience for a child and each kid has a different way of dealing with the situation. Some kids cry, beg, say sorry, while others try to correct their behavior and are careful the next time. But then there is this 11-year old boy from Ohio who stole his Mom’s car.

The pre-teen boy led police on a high-speed car chase last year and did it again a couple of days ago when his Mom took his PlayStation away. The boy put himself and his parents in plenty of legal and parental mess.

The boy drove the car trying to get away from the police before crashing into a parked car. The boy made it out without any serious injuries.

He did something similar back in 2017 when he stole his mother’s Toyota Avalon out of boredom and led the police on 100Mph high-speed car chase. At the time Detectives and his parents hoped such a mess would never occur again but as we now know, they were wrong.

The boy and his mother got into an argument over the weekend after she hid his PlayStation gaming console. Later she went to bed hoping her earlier move would teach her son a lesson. Little did she know, the situation was about be escalated.

While his mother slept, the boy took the keys to her car and snuck out of the house. The mother later woke up to realize that her son is missing along with her 2013 Dodge Durango. During her search, she got a call from the boy’s father who happened to be driving in the area and spotted his son in the SUV.

Once the boy realized his father had spotted him he took the car to an abandoned fire station to hide but unfortunately for him, a cop car noticed his actions and came to check on the car.

The boy got spoked and took off on a 90 mph high-speed car chase. The dashcam video below shows how dangerous the situation was.

Source: Cleaveland

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