A Discussion with PES 2017 Devs About Female Teams, NX, PS Neo and Xbox Scorpio Plans

Interview with Konami about PES 2017, the franchise's future with NX, Neo and Scorpio as well as the possibility of female football teams being included.

We are going to get the PES 2017 demo next month for current gen consoles, however, with so much being said about the upcoming consoles i.e. Nintendo NX, PLayStation 4 Neo and Xbox Scorpio, what is Konami planning about the future of PES?

We had that as well as a number of other questions in our mind which is why we stole a few minutes from Adam Bhatti, the Global Product & Brand Manager for Pro Evolution Soccer, who proved to be very insightful through and through.

Any how, in our interview with Bhatti we had asked now that Nintendo NX, PS4 Neo and Project Scorpio are on the horizon, do they have any plans with regards to PES.

Clearly, expecting a PES 2017 release on any one of those consoles would be a little over the top, but it looks like the next game is definitely coming to at least some of those platforms.

Bhatti says that although “it’s too early to say,” Konami has been watching “all possibilities for introducing PES to new people avidly.”

Not only that, the inclusion of female football teams to their major competitor FIFA begged a question on the topic from the developers of PES 2017, so we asked them if they agreed it was time to introduce the female teams now.

It looks like Konami would absolutely love to do something like that, but they don’t think they have gotten everything else working as perfectly as they want. Adam told us that they are going to turn their focus to that later down the line.

We’d love to, absolutely. However, we need to retain focus on getting everything working first. We will absolutely look to implement the stunning advances of women’s football in the future but are not ready to do so at the moment.

Though they would eventually do it, there is no timeline to it.

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