A Breakdown of Cuphead Achievements Ratio Reveals How Tough This Game Really Is

Players are giving up on Cuphead due to the level of difficulty. Only 7% completed the game on Xbox One while less than 30% completed the game on PC.

The landscape of game development changed when Dark and Demon Souls came to be. A new kind of genre saw the light of day, one that keeps players on the edge of frustration and makes them work hard for victory. Dark Souls and the likes have seen many broken controllers. But according to our finding, they may not have seen as many broken ones as Cuphead.

While Cuphead is a very different game when compared to Dark Souls, the idea of keeping us on the edge of frustration and make us earn victory is the same. But did developers go too far with the concept?

According to the data we gathered, only 1.2% players on Steam completed the game on Expert level. Meanwhile, 11.3% never made it past the first boss fight. Here is a complete breakdown of Cuphead Achievements on PC.

  • 12.5% Completed the game on Normal
  • 1.2% Completed the game on Expert
  • 56.3% Defeated All Bosses in Inkwell Isle I (Inkwell Isle II and III won’t unlock unless you defeat all bosses on Normal or Higher)
  • 28.5% Defeated All Bosses in Inkwell Isle II
  • 17% Defeated All Bosses in Inkwell Isle III
  • 44.5% Completed a Level Without Getting Hit
  • 9.2% Obtained all Coins on All Levels
  • 1.8% Able to get an A-Rank or Higher on All Inkwell Isle III Bosses

Meanwhile, Xbox stats aren’t impressive as well as, only 7% players managed to complete the game. It seems this game crosses that line into total frustration making players give up. It is also an odd decision to not allow players to progress on the lowest difficulty.

If you play on the lowest difficulty, you won’t be able to access Inkwell Isle II as it requires Normal difficulty, at least. From there you need to complete Inkwell II on Normal or Higher to access Inkwell Isle III. At the time of this writing, only 327 players are in-game which is a shame.

Did you complete Cuphead? Or did you give up on the game as well? Let us know in the comments below.

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