Over 90% Of Oculus Rift VR Games Powered By Nvidia GPUs

While there are just two GPU giants in the GPU market namely Nvidia and AMD, however, Nvidia has been the one to dominate the market for quite some time and things are not looking to change as reportedly Nvidia GPUs power over 90% of Oculus Rift games.

According to the report from Oculus itself, 92.2% of Oculus Rift games are powered by Nvidia GPUs with AMD GPUs just powering only 7.8% of the Oculus Rift Games.

The report suggests that the most popular GPU being used by Oculus Rift users is GTX 1070 with 19.4% using it and GTX 1080 is just behind with 17.3% and the older GTX 970 with 10.5%.

As for AMD GPUs, only 2% of Oculus Rift owners are running their VR Games using the RX 480, while 1.4% use the RX 580.

In related news, a report has surfaced online suggesting that Facebook will launch Oculus Go at the f8 developer conference on May 1st. Oculus Go will be a standalone VR headset that will launch in 2018 with a price tag of $199.

Oculus Go is based on the same software as Samsung’s Gear VR headset which means that Oculus Go will have access to VR games and video experiences right out of the box.

Furthermore, according to Steam hardware survey, Oculus Rift has become the most used VR headset by Steam users.

The survey suggests that 47.31% of Steam users are using the Oculus Rift while 45.38% of Steam users prefer HTC Vive. Also, This is the first time Oculus has surpassed Vive in terms of users since launch.

What do you think of over 90% Oculus users running VR games on Nvidia GPU? Let us know in the comments.

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