7nm AMD RX Vega Gaming Graphics Cards Confirmed At Computex 2018

The shift to the 7nm process for Vega has been known for a while but we were never sure whether AMD would be making the same move for the AMD RX Vega series, the gaming series. We knew for sure that Instinct would be getting the upgrade and many speculated whether or not the there would ever be 7nm AMD RX Vega gaming GPUs coming out. All that speculation came to an end as AMD CEO Lisa Su took the stage at Computex 2018.

AMD CEO Lisa Su has confirmed that 7nm AMD RX Vega will be coming out for gaming. This means that we are not getting Navi any time soon and AMD Vega is here for another year or so. This might not be a bad thing though. AMD Showed more than 30% increase in performance by moving to the 7nm process for Instinct and keeping in mind that the same architecture has been used for 7nm AMD RX Vega, you can expect to see the same performance gains if not more from the gaming series as well.

7nm AMD RX Vega

While AMD Vega did have a bit of a dull launch and it was not as great as expected, AMD kept improving the performance of the cards with driver updates and tweaks here and there. AMD Graphics cards are not too bad if you look at the number. Now add a 30% performance boost and you get pretty decent cards, hoping that the price remains the same.

If this is what the 7nm AMD RX Vega series is going to be like then the gap between AMD and Nvidia is going to close. This should be very interesting indeed. It is safe to say that the upcoming few months are going to be very interesting indeed. Keeping in mind that Nvidia is not planning on revealing the next generation of graphics cards any time soon, this would be the best time to bridge the performance gap and compete in the GPU space.

7nm AMD RX Vega

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