7 Year Old Jurassic World Fan Spends £4,000 of His Father’s Money on In-Game Transactions

A seven year old fan of iPad game Jurassic World spent £4,000 on the game through his father's credit card.

Mobile gaming might not be put at the same level of seriousness as other platforms but for a 32 year old father from Crawley, UK it couldn’t get any more serious business. This is so because his seven year old son was able to charge his credit card with £4,000 by making in-game transactions on Jurassic World, an iPad game.

Mohamed Shugaa, the 32 year old father says that he knew his son had seen his Apple ID password but he had no clue his son had memorized it. The kid, Faisal Shugaa, was able to use that password to make as many as 65 transactions upgrading the dinosaurs and so on.

His son was into the Jurassic World game so much that at one point he spent £1,500 in one hour! You can expect how shocked and furious the father was.

This is not the first time that parents have complained about kids being able to cost them so much for in-app transactions, known celebrities like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have also been voicing their concerns in the past.

Anyhow, Shugaa is a carpet retailer in Crawley and he couldn’t afford such a massive bill on his credit card. He contacted iTunes and was told that all the transactions were made in a span of just five days. He was pretty furious how could Apple let those transactions go by without informing him or without verifying major transactions with him.

After initially being told there was no guarantee he would get a refund, he was later able to get the company to agree on a refund.

Although Apple says the put in sufficient parental controls on their devices, it is a matter of question whether extensive in-app transactions, like the one in the case of Jurassic World game should be there for apps and games that are actually developed for kids or not.

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