2K Games New Studio Led by Michael Condrey is Working on a Multiplayer Game

New 2K Games Studio led by Michael Condrey is working on a multiplayer game. The studio is currently hiring

A new 2K Games Studio in Silicon Valley led by Michael Condrey is working on a multiplayer game. For those who don’t, Michael Condrey left Activision and Sledgehammer Games a few months ago to join 2K Games. After joining, Condrey started a new team to work on games for Take-Two Interactive’s 2K Games. Since then, everyone has been trying to know what the new studio is up to.

Looks like we finally have an idea about the game that the new studio is working on. According to a recent job listing posted by 2K Games, the new studio’s “first effort is to build a multiplayer and multiplatform AAA action game which will thrill a diverse community of gamers and have fun while doing it”. This is great news but also a disappointment for those who were expecting a single player game or maybe another Dead Space from Michael Condrey.

2K Games New Studio

Relative experience required for the job is as follows.

  • Strong passion for online multiplayer action games
  • Experience programming, both code & visual scripting (C++, C#, etc. | Blueprint, Kismet, etc.)
  • Experience working in multiplayer games or systems
  • A passion for diversity & representation in games & game development
  • Familiar with fundamental world-building concepts: flow, landmarking, scale, visibility, metrics, etc.
  • A self-starter who can align with the team’s goals but isn’t hesitant to create solutions on their own
  • Comfortable with rapid iteration based off feedback from many sources: peer review, data analytics,
  • player surveys, etc. Capable of filtering large volumes of feedback into concrete and actionable improvements
  • Ability to iterate & collaborate under deadlines & production constraints

The experience required makes it clear that the studio is aiming towards a multiplayer title. It seems like Condrey is going to take full advantage of his past experiences with Activision and Call of Duty games to make another successful and hit multiplayer game for his new studio.

Keeping in mind that the studio is still hiring, it’s safe to assume that the new multiplayer game by Michael Condrey is not coming out anytime soon. We can expect the upcoming game to release on next-generation consoles like Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett.

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