How to Defeat Mizutsune in Monster Hunter Rise

The fan-favorite monster, Mizutsune, from Monster Hunter Generations, is now back to wreak havoc in Monster Hunter Rise upon requests from many fans. This guide will focus on the attacking abilities of Mizutsune and tips and tricks on how to defeat Mizutsune in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Defeat Mizutsune in Monster Hunter Rise

Mizutsune has a long snake-like body and is covered by purple fur. They are commonly found in the Misty Peaks and Primal Forest.

These creatures rage when the mating season starts and causes chaos, which is the reason they need to be hunted down.

Mizutsune will use its body to inflict physical damage on you, which takes 25% of your health away. It also breathes bubbles that knock you back and a beam of water that acts exactly like a laser. This beam of laser is a deadly attack that inflicts negative effects.

Some of the negative status effects caused by the water bubbles and laser can cause you to slip or drain your stamina rapidly. In case of slipping, use a Condenser to cancel the status effect.

Most of Mizutsune’s attacks generate bubbles of water that deal some damage. When it is about to shoot the water laser from its mouth, your character will shout, which will be the indicator for you to get away from it.

Once enraged, Mizutsune will use more physical attacks like tail slam and use its belly to slide on the water and rush towards you.

Battle Strategy

The key to winning this fight is to keep constantly moving around and dodge the bubbles. There are three types of bubbles that Mizutsune emits. The white bubbles will damage you, red will give you an Attack Boost, and green will give you health.

Avoid the white bubbles as they stick around for a longer time. Make sure you don’t equip any heavy weapon as it will affect your movement speed.

Focus on its head as it takes double the amount of damage it takes on any other body part. When the crest of Mizutsune is destroyed, use Thunder attacks to damage until it is defeated.