How to Defeat Volvidon in Monster Hunter Rise

Volvidon is quite a tricky monster that you will be facing in Monster Hunter Rise. This guide describes all the moves, weaknesses and strengths of Volvidon to show you how to defeat Volvidon in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Defeat Volvidon in Monster Hunter Rise

Found in the volcanic landscapes of Lava Caverns, Volvidon is a fanged beast whose element is Thunder. This makes it prone/weak to Water and Earth type of damages.

The most prominent of Volvidon’s physique is that it has red shields over its body’s mid-section. These shields make it capable of rolling over like a ball.

Volvidon Moves & Abilities

Volvidon has two primary elemental abilities that are paralysis and stench. It has a pretty long tongue that it uses to spit out the paralyzing liquid, preventing you from moving.

For the soiling damage, it creates a foul odor that inflicts soil damage, after which you cannot consume food or drinks.

Besides, Volvidon also uses a scratching move that inflicts physical damage. During this move, Volvidon will continue marching forwards onto you, so you must keep dodging its hits by moving either left or right.

Another one of its fancy moves is the Rolling Attack. As mentioned earlier, Volvidon’s shields help it curl like a ball and roll over you. This is also a pretty damaging attack and should be dodged to either left or right.

Battle Strategy

So as you can see, Volvidon has only got three major moves that might come hard on you. For this, you should keep the following three points in mind as a starter:

  1. Bring deodorant with you to avoid the stench.
  2. Try to bring paralysis-resistant armor with yourself.
  3. Don’t step back when it marches forward for scratching or rolling attack.

Now that you have the keys to the fight in mind let’s talk about how the fight proceeds.

So Volvidon will start off initially with simpler attacks. These include the bouncing jump attack and the scratching one.

You can block the bouncing jump attack, but you must dodge the scratching one. You can also manage to hit it during the rolling attack, and if successful, it will make Volvidon fall off onto the ground remain motionless for a few seconds.

Next, you should stay vigilant of its paralysis attack; there is a good opportunity in it! When the Volvidon sticks out its tongue for the paralysis attack, you can damage its tongue and it will inflict pretty good damage to it.

Besides, you can also keep hitting it from the sides to break the tough red shells on its back. It will not only make it incapable of making the rolling attack but will also make it more prone to damage.

So keep fighting it until it goes low on stamina. It won’t be able to do the paralyzing and rolling attacks then. This makes it further easy to fight with and soon, you will have made it make a run out of the area. Chase it down and finish it off!