How to Defeat Royal Ludroth in Monster Hunter Rise

During your hunts, you will encounter the boss fight against Royal Ludroth, a Leviathan in Monster Hunter Rise. This guide enlists all the abilities of Royal Ludroth that you must know in order to know how to defeat it in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Defeat Royal Ludroth in Monster Hunter Rise

Royal Ludroth is a Leviathan that has the shape of a reptile and has a crown-like crest. It is a Water-type monster and hence is weak to Fire and Thunder. So, let’s get into the fighting techniques Ludroth employs.

Battle Strategy

Although Royal Ludroth has some pretty aggressive moves, it is not as difficult to defeat as it might look. Its moves include Torso Slam, Curl and Water Thunder Split in general.

Besides, when in rage mode, Ludroth shoots three water bombs that cause Waterblight upon striking.

So, when you first get into the fight against him, keeping distance and don’t attack from the front.

Ludroth is not quite flexible nor too fast, so you can always move to its side and attack easily. Note that its tail and limbs are also more prone to damage, so you should consider hitting them more often.

Even in the early game, attacking Ludroth’s head with impact damage will almost inflict stagger on it every time you do.

When you have staggered it enough, you can choose to do Monsters: Wyvern Riding and run it into the rocks to deal further damage. Besides, every time you deal a critical hit, you will get an extract from its parts.

Gradually, its parts will break off and you will have a good collection of various extracts to increase your strength and endurance. When the Royal Ludroth’s parts are broken, it will run far into another area to recover stamina and will puff back up.

This is when you need to get close to it and attack its head and limbs as much as you can. When you attack from its side, it will roll-over you sideways.

So, make sure you don’t get enough of that damage since that doesn’t look like a scary move but surely deteriorates health.

Follow the same pattern of the fight, and soon, you will have defeated the Royal Ludroth. Your main objective will become ‘Returning to the Village,’ and you will have just 1 minute for it. Your Large Monsters list will also be updated