Monster Hunter Rise Charge Blade Guide

In this Monster Hunter Rise Charge Blade guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know about the Charge Blade, a powerful weapon in MH Rise, which will help you slay tons of beasts in the game.

Monster Hunter Rise Charge Blade

The Charge Blade is a versatile and powerful weapon. You can use this weapon in two modes Sword and Axe. Now let’s talk about these modes separately.

Sword Mode

This mode is just like Sword and Shield with two differences. The first one is that your speed gets lower and the second one is that you can block more effectively with it.

While fighting, every attack you hit builds Kinetic Energy which you can store in Phials inside the shield.  This is where the “Charge” in Charge blade comes from

Storing enough Kinetic Energy inside the Phials makes you able to use the Axe mode efficiently.

Axe Mode

To activate this mode, you have to combine the shield and sword to turn them into an Axe with your stored kinetic energy charge. You can use this energy for Elemental Discharge, which is a micro explosion that comes with each Axe swing.

This makes your Axe even more deadly. You can also you the Super Amped Elemental Discharge, which will use your complete Phial charges to make a massive attack that will destroy everything in your way. You can only perform this move by transferring the Phials KE directly into the shield.

Like any other weapon Charge Blade have different Phials types for different effects. For example, Elemental Phials cause additional elemental damage while Impact Phials do stun damage to the monster’s head.

Now we will tell you about the Charge Blade’s different attacks and how to perform them in both modes.

Controls for Sword Mode

Weak Slash: X

Return Stroke: X->X or X->X->X

Spinning Slash: Hold A->X or Step->X

Element Discharge: A

Charged Double Slash: Hold A

Forward Slash: X+A

Shield Thrust: For this after sword attack use X+A

Fade Slash: For this after sword attack use, Left Stick+A =

Element Boost Spinning Slash: While Amped Element Discharge active R

Morph Slash: ZR+X

Charge: ZR+A

Condensed Element Slash: While charging Hold X

Guard: ZR

Controls for Axe Mode

Rising Slash: X

Dash Slam: Left Stick + X

Element Discharge: A

Element Discharge II: A->A or X+A

Amped Element Discharge: A->A->A or While guarding press X+A

While Elemental Boost active:

Super Element Discharge:  Press A->A->A or X + A.

Morph Slash: While guarding press X+A -> ZR

Now let’s talk about controls for different combos you can use

Controls for different Combos

Fast Phials Combo
For Fast Phials Combo you have Hold A->X+A->Hold A->ZR+A->Step

Quick Element Boost
For Quick Element Boost you have Hold A->X+A->Hold A->ZR+A->X+A->X+A->ZR

Element Discharge Combo
For Element Discharge Combo you have ZR+A->A->X+A->Left Stick+X

Charge Blade Silkbind Attacks

Morphing Advance
With this attack, you can get into Axe mode while charging towards an enemy. During this monster cannot beat you and you can perform different attacks at the end of the advance.

Counter Peak Performance
In this attack, you plant your shield into the ground and the Have the Wirebugs cover yourself in protective silk. All of you Phials will fill if you get attacked during this state.

Axe Hopper
For this attack, you have to swap Counter Peak Performance. With this attack, you hit the Axe into the ground, making you fly in the air; use the Wirebug for going even higher. Now you can use Elemental Discharge, which will cause more damage.

Counter Morph Slash
When using this mode, the switching mode takes more time and the time to block attacks also increased. After blocking the monster attack, your counter-attack will cause more damage.

Condensed Spinning Slash
You can swap it with Condensed Element Slash. This will power up the Axe mode because it turns it into a spinning buzzsaw. With this, you have to hold the attack button and AXE will cause damage and also fills the Phials with Kinetic Energy like the Swords mode.