Monster Hunter Rise Lance Guide

The Lance in Monster Hunter Rise may seem like an ordinary weapon, but it actually has a lot to offer. With its amazing mobility options, this weapon offers some useful tricks to stand your ground in the game. This Monster Hunter Rise Lance guide will help you utilize the weapon in the most effective manner possible in MH Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Lance

Lance acts as an amazing shield while fighting monsters in the game. In case a monster tries to distance itself, you can go after them with Lance. For defense purposes, you can hop back and forth while also maintaining a strong shield through Lance.

Lance may appear as an underwhelming weapon at first, but as compared to the other 13 weapons, it is the safest and the easiest weapon to use. Its easy controls and mechanism make it stand out.

Lance is one of the best shields available in the game. It has a convincing counterattack along with a wide range. You can easily attack the weak points of the monsters with this weapon.

The mobility of this weapon is moderate, and the damage impact is comparatively low. It can get boring to constantly thrust and stab the enemy. You also need a good knowledge of monster attack patterns to take advantage of this weapon.

Lance Attacks

Let’s discuss the new attacks that you can perform using Lance.

Anchor Rage

Press ZL+A for Anchor Rage. This attack allows you to project all of your strength into the Lance. If you are attacked during Anchor Rage, then you gain an attack boost. The harder an enemy attacks, the greater damage boost you gain.

Spiral Thrust

This move is an alternative to Anchor Rage. There are two key points to this attack; you will use the wirebug silk for dashing back and forth while using the Lance to protect yourself and stabbing the monster repeatedly.

Twin Vines

Press ZL+X for Twin Vines. These vines will install a Kunai Dagger into the monster and direct the monster towards you. You can use the Wirebug silk attached to the monster and then pull yourself towards the monster.

This move is especially useful while playing in multiplayer mode. Keep the teammate with Lance near your target and deviate the attention of the monster from your team.

Best way to use the Lance

There are several important points to note about the controls and mechanism of this weapon. The High-Thrusts of Lance are more impactful than the Mid-Thrust; therefore, it is recommended that you use this variant in combos to cause maximum damage. There might be some issues while targeting the right area, but practice makes perfect.

The best way to utilize this weapon is to get near to your target as much as you can. Consistent stabbing and thrusts work perfectly when it comes to the Lance.

With the Lance, one can attacks both high and low parts of the monster’s body. Just keep your head shielded and stab the enemy to its death.

One important tip for this weapon would be to attack some specific spots on an enemy’s body. You can attack the hard-to-reach tails and heads of the monsters while using the Lance to stay protected. Lance is one of the best shields available in the game so make the best use out of it.

Controls and Combos

Below are mentioned some important controls and combos to know about Lance.

  • Press ZR+ Left Stick+Xfor Guard Dash
  • Press ZR+X+A for Dash Attack
  • Press ZR+Afor Counter-Thrust
  • Press ZR+Awhile charging for Power guard
  • Press Xfor Mid Thrust
  • Press Afor High Thrust
  • Press X+Afor Wide Sweep
  • Press ZRfor Guard

Furthermore, you can press A triple times and then X to perform the Bread and Butter combo. You can also press A->ZR->A->A for Counter Attack Combo.

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