Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah Sigil Dungeons Walkthrough

Welcome to Conan Exiles’ rich new Isle of Siptah with a ton of areas for you to explore. In this Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah Sigil Dungeons Walkthrough, we’ll be talking about each Sigil Dungeon and how you can navigate through them to your well-deserved rewards.

Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah Sigil Dungeons

Sigil Dungeons are dangerous places with a high-risk and high-reward concept. Once you’ve accumulated enough gear from the Isle of Siptah, you’ll have to fight across Dungeons to get better loot.

Below, you’ll find walkthroughs for all of the sigil dungeons found in the newest expansion, Isle of Siptah, of Conan Exiles.

Den of the Wolfmen

Step onto the pressure plate to enter the domain of the Wolfmen. You’ll come across various werewolves through your path.

Fight them off, and keep heading straight until you reach a pressure plate to your right. Use it to open up the next path.

Go down the flight of stairs into the rocky terrain, and stick to the right. Head past the bonfire, and go left. Use the pressure plate in this area to open the next path.

Keep heading straight once again and use the final pressure plate once again to find yourself pitted against the boss of the dungeon.

Defeat the enemies within the final room to claim your rewards from the chest in the next room.

The pressure plate will only become accessible if you eliminate the boss in the room.

Sanctuary of the Snakemen

Head down into the Serpent’s domain and into the hallway to the left. Navigate through, and head left again into the next hallway. You’ll find a pressure plate to open the next area.

Head through the linear path yet again, and go downstairs. You will reach two sets of doors, which can be opened by using the pressure plate.

Get ready for the boss-fight. Defeat the final boss to gain access to the final room.

Bastion of the Bat-Demons

Head deeper down into the terrifying domain of the bats. Keep heading downstairs, and circumvent around the bottom floor to find another set of stairs leading downwards to the pressure plate.

Step on the pressure plate, and go through the open path until you finally reach the boss’ pressure plate. Step on it and get ready to fight.

After defeating the boss, claim your reward in the next room.

Den of the Wolf-Brothers

Go down the stairs through the bloody trail, and head to your first right. Rotate the contraption to open an area with a blood pool.

Operate the lever in the pool, which will open a door back where you used the contraption.

Go through, and use the second similar contraption to find yet another lever. This will open yet another door at the back.

Head through the newly accessed hallway, and parkour to the platform with the lever.

Now jump onto the other platform, and use the lever. Go through the small cave to find a pressure plate underneath.

Head through the linear path, and you’ll find the final boss after climbing the three sets of stairs.

Open the final door and claim your reward!

Asylum of the Fiends

Descend into the dungeon’s madness and keep heading deeper until you hit the next pressure plate. The path’s pretty straight for the first four doors, so keep going straight cutting through the fiends.

You’ll find the reward after defeating the final set of enemies.

Refuge of the Goblinoids

Keep going down the stairs into the Goblins’ dungeon, and head through the door to the right. Turn right as you head deeper and go into the next room. Go further down the stairs, and access the next area by stepping on yet another pressure plate.

You’ll find yourself in a green-ish cavern with fungus below. Might not want to fall down below.

Parkour your way through the platforms until you reach the pressure plate for the next room.

Go through the final door to claim your reward from the dungeon.

Asylum of the Outsiders

Go straight past the statue into the room with bones in the middle. From here, head left through the hallways.

When you hit a closed door, go right and keep heading straight into the next room.

Turn left, and go through the linear path until you reach a statue. Head right, down the flight of stairs and you’ll find yourself in the final room.

Head into the next room to claim your reward.

Refugee of the Gremlins

Head straight down until you reach a lever. Use it to open the door to its immediate left. Go right from the door through the hallways.

You’ll find a lever in the middle of the room. Use it to open the door in front of you, and continue up the stairs.

Turn right in the big hallway and go straight to find the treasure room.

Demense of the Demon Spiders

Go through the left door when opened by the pressure plate, and continue until the next pressure plate.

Go through the small balcony, and use the pressure plate to unlock the remaining portion of the balcony.

Keep heading through the path and use the pressure plate to open two doors. Head through the one to the left, and continue forward through the linear path.

Step on the final pressure plate, and defeat the boss in the room. Step on the final pressure plate and claim your reward.

Harbor of the Twice Drowned

Welcome to one of the more beautiful dungeons of the game! Head straight until you reach a pool of water.

Dive underneath, and use the lever to open the door. Swim up to the ground again, and head left. Go straight and use the helm to open yet another path through underwater.

Swim through, and use another lever to open the door. Go through and swim above again.

Head straight down the stairs, and straight through the glowing room. Underneath, you’ll find two levers on both sides. Use them to open the door to the boss.

Defeat the boss, and go straight to the treasure room.

Sanctuary of the Serpent

More serpents! Go past the statue, down the stairs and head left through the hallways. You’ll reach an open area, go past it and head right down a series of hallways yet again.

Keep following the straight path, and you’ll reach the Serpent boss for this dungeon.

Defeat the Serpent boss and claim the treasure in the next room.

Volary of the Harpy

Go through the first door and get to the bridge. Drop down from the bridge using the trees. Turn around and go through the linear path, past the waterfall.

Use the pressure plate to enter the next area. Defeat the bosses, and grab the treasure from the next room.

Volary of Jhil

Head down the terrifying domain of the Jhil past the cages. Use the pressure plate, and descend further down the stairs.

Use the pressure plates to unlock the next flight of stairs. Keep going down, and start climbing up the cages.

Jump onto the platform, and head straight up to find the boss. Kill it and use the pressure plate to descend a cage onto ground level. Climb it and jump to the treasure room to claim your reward.

Harbor of the Drowned

We’re going diving again! Pack your gear, and descend straight through the pool of water.

Keep going straight instead of making any turns, ignore the insanely bright light. Head left when you hit a dead-end, and continue through the path to the right.

You’ll find yourself on the ground now. Go through the next door, and get ready to be submerged again. Use the pressure plate, and interact with the contraption in the next area.

Go down the small hatch, into the pool of water, and collect the three missing pieces.

Put them into their respective positions back above on the pedestals.

Head through the newly opened door, and swim to the final boss. Defeat it, and claim your reward in the treasure room.