The Outer Worlds Peril on Gorgon Endings Guide

The main storyline of the Peril on Gorgon is driven by the strained relationship between Olivia Ambrose and her daughter Wilhelmina Ambrose. The Outer Worlds Peril on Gorgon DLC has multiple endings and which one you get will depend on how you handle the resolution of this relationship.

Outer Worlds: The Peril of Gorgon DLC Endings

Below we have compiled all the The Outer Worlds Peril on Gorgon DLC Endings and their epilogues.

When Wilhelmina calls and asks for progress regarding her mother’s journal, you should select the option

{Persuade 20} I think it’s time you tell me the truth, Minnie.

Then Olivia will call you and if your perception is high enough, you can deduce that she’s the one who put the Gorgon facility on lockdown.

Listen to the conversation between mother and daughter all the way through. When Minnie mentions that Adrena-Time must never be revived, you can inquire about her true intentions.

Minnie will insist that the project must be revived and you should tell her that you’re not sure yet.

Hear her out and then ask Olivia to tell her story too. You will learn that she doesn’t have much faith in her daughter carrying the project successfully. Hear out the full argument between the two.

Mother and Daughter Reunite (Good Ending)

Rather than choosing between helping Olivia or helping Minnie, you can get them to put their differences behind them. This requires you to have high stats.

Ask Olivia why she won’t give Minnie a chance and then insist that they should work out their differences.

They will both then insist that you do what needs to be done from their own perspectives.

Tell them both you will consider their propositions. Minnie will then put the manor in lockdown until you finish the job.

Meaning if you run back inside then you will be treated as hostile and killed.

Cut the transmission and head to Minnie. You will have to battle through the full might of her forces to reach her so be well prepared with backup.

Once you reach her, she will threaten you for coming back so it is essential that you have at least Persuade 150 and (optionally) Inspiration 60 along with Intimidate 40 for this interaction.

You need to select the following dialogue options:

  • Let’s talk about this, Minnie.
  • What if you and your mother joined forces to cure the marauders?
  • [Persuade 60] If the marauders don’t get a fix, they’ll just rampage across the colony. OR [Inspiration 60] I thought you wanted to help people, not let them die?
  • [Persuade 90] Why not give her a chance? She’s been involved with Adrena-Time from the start.
  • [Persuade 150] The Adrena-Time project failed, Minnie. You couldn’t have saved it.
  • Opportunities present themselves everyday. Your Gorgon will come.
  • That isn’t failure. It’s a second chance to work with Olivia.

Minnie now accepts that’s she wants to work something out with her mom. She tells you to go to Olivia and tell her she can come over for tea or something stronger.

Go to Olivia and try to convince her to make peace with her daughter. Select the following options:

  • Whoa, hold on! I’m here to make peace!
  • Minnie wants to work with you on a cure for the Marauders.
  • [Persuade 40] You don’t. You just have to trust me. OR [Intimidate 40] Why trick you when it’d be easier for me to kill you?
  • She said you were invited for tea?
  • That’s rather sweet of you.
  • So you’ll work with Minnie?

This will lead to the two having a conversation and clearing things up.

Minnie will apologize to you for treating you harshly and they will both thank you for patching up their relationship.

You will be rewarded with Bit Cartridge x5,000 by Minnie for your work. In addition to this, you will gain 114,000 XP and Olivia will tell you to take what’s yours.

Olivia and Minnie Ambrose worked together to cure the marauders Adrena-Time had created.

Through their partnership as scientist and administrator, they discovered the harmony that had eluded them as mother and daughter.

And, through years of patience and effort, they discovered a means to wean Halcyon from the scourge of Adrena-Time.

The abandoned research facility on Gorgon remained a place of chaos- a draw for smugglers looking for salvage and ill-fated freelancers hoping for a payday.

Olivia Ambrose Ending

This is the ending you get if you choose to side with the mother.

When Olivia asks for your help in stopping Minnie, you can get her to apologize to you for all the threats to your life. She wants you to put Gorgon down for good.

Olivia will ask you to return to her manor and use the Executive Override code in her journal to activate the NDA Protocol from her terminal.

Minnie will try to force you to fight her if you’re helping her mother but Olivia insists that you do not engage her.

Minnie will then put the manor in lockdown until you finish the job. Meaning if you run back inside then you will be treated as hostile and killed.

Cut the transmission and head to Minnie. She will threaten you for coming back.

You can try telling her to stand down or just attack her. Either way; a battle will start. Take out all the enemies and then you can loot Minnie’s corpse for Bit Cartridges and Light Ammo.

Head up the stairs and enter the door in the center upstairs. Here you will find the Terminal and can execute NDA Protocol to put Gorgon down once and for all.

Olivia will then call you and congratulate you on a job well done while showing regret for Minnie’s fate.

You will be invited for a toast in the drawing room so that you can receive your reward.

Head upstairs and Olivia will give you an Iceberg Aged Whiskey. Toast to the fall of Gorgon and then she will tell you that she finds herself at loose ends.

You can give her Minnie’s water painting if you have it and inquire about your reward. She will give you 5,000 bit cartridges.

The destroyed Adrena-Time synthesizer became a symbol of the Board’s cruelty and a rallying point for Welees and his scientists as they sought to build a more humane, ethical Halcyon.

They cleared the dead from Gorgon’s laboratories and repurposed them to aid in the crucial work of solving the colony’s nutrition crisis.

The Gorgon project’s final explosive end was bittersweet for Olivia Ambrose. She wandered the colony’s fringes alone, searching for others like her, who despised the Board and meant to destroy them.

In time, she found Phineas Welles and his cadre of scientists, and she joined them in their efforts to save Halcyon. For a while, she even knew an uneasy peace.

But for all that Olivia found purpose in Welles’ project, she was always haunted by the memory of her daughter, Minnie, who hadn’t lived to see the better world they were building.

She never did forgive herself for the horror her work had wrought on Halcyon, but she remembered fondly the daring captain who’d put an end to it at last.

Wilhelmina Ambrose

You will get this ending if you choose to side with the daughter. After the conversation between Olivia and Minnie on-call ends, you should head over to the mother to try and restart the machine.

You can choose to try and reason with her or attack her by drawing your weapon or shoving her into the reactor.

Either way, these options will lead to you killing her. Once it’s done, the machine can be restarted and you should head back to Minnie.

She will congratulate you and then reward you with 114,000 XP and 5000 bit cartridges.