Minecraft Dungeons Highblock Halls Secrets and Chests Locations

In this Minecraft Dungeons Highblock Halls Secrets and Chests locations guide, we will show you how to get to these hidden spots filled with goodies. The loot you will find here will help you power through monsters you will find in your Minecraft Dungeons journey.

Minecraft Dungeons Highblock Halls Secrets and Chests Locations

In the world of Minecraft Dungeons, there will be many hidden secrets and chests that you will come across at different levels of the game.

These will be hidden in any corner of the map of MC Dungeons as chests or secrets and will contain some very useful and valuable loot in the game.

Highblock halls has 1 secret and 4 chests to discover, keep in mind that they have fix place where these hidden items show up but sometimes these are semi-randomized so when we mention a place.

Make sure to check in every corner of that place so that you do not miss any of the chests.

Secret 1
Right at the start of the level you will get to the first secret, for that just go straight ahead to the gate and click on the left shield in the wall and gate will be opened.

Get inside and this will unlock the Underhalls secret level.

Chest 1
Now go straight from the first secret and you will get to a hallway, go right to the next room and then turn right and walk to the end. This is where we found the first chest of Highblock halls.

Chest 2
The second chest of the level will come after you have faced and destroyed buffet, you will get to a big room and the chest will most probably in the center of the room.

You will be ambushed here, be ready and survive the ambush. Stand on the button afterwards to open the chest.

This is all the secrets and chests from the Highblock Halls in MC Dungeons, as the other 2 secret chests of the area do not have a fixed location.