[Update] PlayStation 5 Release Date Is In October, Job Listing Suggests

Sony Interactive has officially confirmed that the job listing was an error. We will believe it for now but was it really an error?

[Original Story]
While we do know that PlayStation 5 will be releasing in holiday 2020, a more specific release date for Sony Interactive Entertainment’s next-gen console has been hinted in a job listing. The job listing in question is a Japanese source. The rough translation of the source reads:

We will handle the trial purchasing of PlayStation hardware products. We will select the best suppliers from domestic and overseas parts partners, and adjust the specifications of hardware parts and production capacity in cooperation with the design department and quality assurance department to create PlayStation 5 scheduled to be released in October 2020.

As you can see in the translated quote, it mentions October, 2020 as the release date for PS5. Officially however, Sony hasn’t revealed any release date. We haven’t even seen the console yet.

Since we don’t have any official confirmation about PS5 release date, we are currently relying on rumors and leaks. The latest rumor suggest that Sony will be holding an event in July, 2020, where Sony will reveal its next-gen console.

We are also hoping that Sony will also reveal PS5 price details along with a launch date. Since there is no release date, you can’t really pre-order PS5 yet from any reliable retailer. As for the price point for PlayStation 5, many analysts have predicted it to be $500.

So far, what Sony has revealed about PS5 is its controller, Dulasense. There is a lot of excitement around the new controller with the features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. Hopefully, we will hear about the new controller in the rumored July event.

As for the console itself, we think that October could be a sweet time to release PlayStation 5. A lot of games are expected to release in November which could act as launch title for Sony’s new console. That’s all for now! We will recommend that you stay tuned for any further developments on PS5 release date.

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