How PS5 Backwards Compatibility Works For PS4 Games

Sony has released information on how PS5 backwards compatibility works, a month ahead of the console's official release.

Just today on its support page, Sony released a huge wealth of information explaining the PS5 backwards compatibility system and how it will affect Playstation 4 games. This includes playing them on discs, transferring them from one console to another, upgrading games to their PS5 versions, limitations, and controller compatibility.

Playstation has previously said that the vast majority of the Playstation 4’s games would be backwards-compatible on the Playstation 5, so you could carry over your library of games from the PS4 to the PS5 without issue. There are, however, a few that will be henceforth marked on the store as “PS4 Only”.

Some of the backwards compatible games will benefit from the PS5’s “Game Boost”, which will make them run at a higher or smoother framerate. To play them via the disc, all you have to do is insert the game and play, but you’ll have to have the disc inserted each time (obviously).

The PS5 backwards compatibility system also works digitally. Over a WiFi connection, you can transfer games from your Playstation 4 to your Playstation 5, by selecting your game library from the Home screen, selecting the game you want, and clicking download, as simple as that.

As for controllers and peripherals, the DualShock 4 and official third-party controllers, along with licensed peripherals, are all supported on the Playstation 5. The Move Motion controller and PS Aim controller will also work.

Of course, even though it’s able to play the vast majority of PS4 games, PS5 backwards compatibility does have limits. For instance, you can’t display the Share menu while playing a PS4 game, and the HD Camera is also not compatible with PS4 games. Neither is the Tournaments feature, the In-Game Live feature, or the PS4 second screen app.

For more information about PS5 backwards compatibility, you can look at all of the information yourself by following this link. Otherwise, there’s not very much time left until November 12, when the Playstation 5 is supposed to release in major regions.

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