Animal Crossing New Horizons Clay Recipes List

In this guide we shall be discussing everything there is to know about clay in Animal Crossing New Horizons. We will discuss the process of obtaining clay, the tools required to get it, where to get it and what can you do with it. Let’s get started with Animal Crossing New Horizons Clay Recipes List.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Clay Recipes List

First of all, we will take a look at how to obtain clay in this game. The tools you need would be an axe or a shovel. You can use either of these tools to strike rocks and get clay. There are rocks present on your island as well as other mystery Islands.

You can hit them and gather as much clay as you need but don’t break the rocks because if you do, you will get only one thing in return which would be either an iron nugget, clay or stone and it is very inefficient.

But rocks will respawn after every day, so if you are thinking speeding up time then go for it. If you run out of rocks on your island, travel to another one with 2000 Nook Miles and hit the rocks there. The islands that are empty have a larger number of rocks.


You can use clay for crafting a lot of DIY projects. You can use it for pottery or making tools or instruments for music and it is even required for a lot of furniture items.

These are the items that require clay in order to craft them:

Water pump
It needs 2 iron nuggets and 6x clay.

Wave breaker
You need 10 stone and 10 clay for this.

Shell Table
This needs 7 sand dollar and 3 clay.

It would need 12 Iron Nugget, 6 Hardwood, 12 Clay and 12 Stone.

Plain Sink
It requires 6 Wood, 4 Clay and one Iron Nugget.

Brick Oven
You would need 6 Wood, 8 Clay and one Iron Nugget.

This needs 2 Bamboo pieces, 5 Iron Nuggets, 4 Clay, 5 Hardwood.

Classic Pitcher
This only needs 4 clay.

This only needs 5 clay.

Tree Bounty Lamp
You need 6 acorn and 4 clay for this.

Pine Bonsai Tree
For this you need 8 pine cone and 5 clay.

Unglazed dish set
This requires 3 clay.

Cherry Lamp
You need 2 clay and 10 cherry for this.

Iron Wall Lamp
You need 4 iron nugget and 2 clay.

Potted Ivy
This requires 5 clump of weeds and 5 clay.

Jungle Flooring
Items required for this are 10 clump of weeds and 10 clay.

Rustic Stone Wall
You need 5 stone and clay for this.

You need 5 clay for this.

Zen Fence
You need 3 iron nuggets, clay and stone each for this

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