Nioh 2 Yokai Skills Guide

A new mechanic has been introduced in Nioh 2 to further alter the gameplay with new Skills. These Nioh 2 Yokai Skills are a plus point to you in the game as they utilize the power of the yokai you defeat. This guide will explain the Yokai Skills in detail.

Nioh 2 Yokai Skills

Every time you come across a yokai, you will realize that they have a skill but you can use one skill at a time for now.

There is a new ethereal rarity item called Soul Cores that is randomly dropped by yokai and it happens very frequently.

In order to acquire these skills, you need to pick up this rarity item. You cannot use it right after you pick it up. You need to purify it at the shrine after which you can use it.

You can equip up to two possible Soul Cores to your Guardian Spirit.

If you do not have your guardian spirit when you are dying, you are going to lose all the cores that haven’t been purified from your inventory.

The passives that come with the Yokai cores amplify either the Yokai Abilities or the Yokai Shift forms. It also affects random bonus stuff like luck or drop rates.

Every core has Two Perma Stats that are unique to the core type. Now you have 3 open slots for random substats and also, they come with an additional flat atk/def stat bonus for your character.

The passives also have ranks and the higher the rank the stronger the effect.

In order to use the Yokai Skills, you need to have the Yokai force also called Anima. Just below your stamina bar, there is another bar that represents Anima

To fill the bar you need to attack the enemies and if you are in the Dark Realm then the bar fills up even faster.

After that, all you need is Anima in order to use the skills. Till the time your Anima bar is there, you can use the skills as many times as you want to.

Below are the Yokai Skills and the required Anima to activate them as well as the Core needed to obtain the Skill.

Fire Twister: 60
Enenra Soul Core

Dark Digger: 30
Dweller Soul Core

Fiendish Frenzy: 40
Yoki Soul Core

One-legged Fury: 55
Ippon-Datara Soul Core

Wormhole: 40
Waira Soul Core

Chomp: 27
Gaki Soul Core

Indestructible Shell: 35
Kappa Soul Core

Impaling Doom: 50
Yatsu-no-Kami Soul Core

Magatsu Muscle: 50
Magatsu Warrior Soul Core

Rain of Terror: 25
Karakasa Umbrella Soul Core

Petrifying Gaze: 40
Nure-Onna Soul Core

Scampush: 40
Scampuss Soul Core

Skeleton Bowman: 35
Skeleton Warrior Soul Core