How to Get Carbon and Camo Hunter Masks in The Division 2

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Warlords of New York had brought to the table several new hunter masks to be found by the community. Recently, 2 new masks were discovered; Carbon and Camo. We will be delving into How to Get Carbon and Camo Hunter Masks in The Division 2 in this guide.

How to Find Get Carbon and Camo Hunter Masks in The Division 2

Carbon Hunter Mask
Before we can get you the Carbon mask, make sure that you have completed ‘Missing Wire Scavengers’, which is a side mission and can be picked up from Snitch.

After you’ve finished this mission, you need to head to a manhole found in Downtown West, found at this point in the map precisely. It’s located at the Northern corner of the Downtown West area.

Carbon Hunter Mask

Head down into the sewers and make your way through. The one place that you are NOT supposed to go in right now, is the door marked with the red bulb glowing above it.

Before we do anything, we must head around the sewers finding sections grated off with iron bars. Behind these grates you will find junction boxes glowing yellow.

Now, there is a bug, where sometimes these boxes will not glow, under these circumstances, simply join another friend’s lobby, or rejoin the game.

After two of these junction boxes are destroyed, you are now allowed to enter the red room, a telltale sign of Hunters.

Head across the giant room, and go through the door found on the upper floor of the upper side. Go in through the door and you will find yourself again in a series of tunnels.

Repeat the process here, destroy two more junction boxes lying behind iron gratings, and then finish all junction boxes found within this area.

Head back into the big main room you previously entered through the red door.

You will see a room with its light constantly fluctuating, make your way inside and activate a lever inside of this room; this will now spawn a chainsaw guy who you need to take care of. Kill him, and he will drop a key.

Now, we need to head to the National Building Museum; if you have completed Wire Scavengers, then you will have access to this building.

Run through this entire building, and towards the back of the main lobby, you will find a PC, activate it and a hunter will spawn. Kill the hunter and you can pick up the Carbon mask.

Camo Hunter Mask
Our next destination on the map is the Space Administration HQ found in the South-West area of the map.

Parallel to the HQ, you will find a big interior; head inside, and you will find a touch screen that you need to interact with.

Activate the screen, and now you need to head to a Construction Site found in the Northern part of the map in the Downtown East area.

Make sure before you start any of these steps, your game is in night time. Otherwise, none of this will work.

Towards the North-Western part of the site, you will find a platform with a button on it; activate it.

Now, it’s time to activate some generators (In the exact order we’re telling you to).

  • Head into the site, and by the dirty water, lies our first generator, activate it.
  • The second one can be found just up the hill.
  • The third one is right of the second one.
  • The fourth one is left of the right one, and the fifth one is further left of the fourth one.
  • The final one is located next to the button you pressed, underneath the flickering light.

The Camo hunter will spawn, kill it and claim your due reward.