Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Makuhita Dojo Guide

Makuhita Dojo helps you level up your Pokemon once you take part in some special drills. Performing these drills not only levels up your Pokemon but also helps move growth with ease. In this Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Makuhita Dojo Guide, we’ve listed all the important aspects of the Dojo Drill and how you can access it.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Makuhita Dojo

Once you’re in the training session, your Pokemon will compete against weak opponents. This feature really helps your Pokemon to learn the basic techniques which may assist you in the outer World Battles.

You’ll be given limited time in the Dojo Drill, therefore, make sure you take full advantage of this drill by finding as many opponents as possible.

You can find opponents on the map but be careful when facing them because you never know when you’ll get defeated.

In order to take part in this Drill, the use of special Dojo Tickets is required. There are three types of Dojo Tickets. Each ticket determines the time limit of your training session.

Tickets are: Bronze Dojo Ticket (50s), Silver Dojo Ticket (55s) and Gold Dojo Ticket (60s).

Usually these Tickets can be received through performing tasks given at the Pelipper or via different types of rewards.

In the end, make sure to visit the Bulletin Board near the Pelipper Post Office as most of the tickets are found at this location.

Trick of the Trade
Additionally, you can take part in a free tutorial session. Through this session, you can learn the basics which may help you in the dungeon.

In the tutorial session, you’ll receive lessons of the Trick of the Trade and competing in them will reward you with unique items.

  • Use moves! rewards you with Apple x4
  • Dash through the dungeon! rewards you with Reviver Seed x3
  • Push a Pokemon! rewards you with Escape Orb x5
  • Pass by a friend! rewards you with Gold Ribbon x1
  • Change directions without moving! rewards you with Max Elixir x4
  • Use items! rewards you with Bronze Dojo Ticket x3
  • Moving diagonally! rewards you with Slumber Weed x10.