The Division 2 Warlords of New York Civic Center SHD Cache Locations Guide

Amongst the many new content in The Division 2 expansion pack, there are SHD Tech caches which are a type of collectible. They are hidden in different named locations. In this guide, we will list all the The Division 2 Warlords of New York Civic Center SHD Cache Locations.

The Division 2 Warlords of New York Civic Center SHD Cache Locations

Below are all the 5 SHD Tech cache locations in Civic Center in The Division 2 which you can collect to upgrade your character or spend them on opening the loot crate in a Safe House.

While you don’t need to collect these SHD caches to take down Theo Parnell, the extra XP acquired from completing the project doesn’t hurt.

SHD Tech #1
The first one can be found just outside the settlement as you are making your way to the Civic Center. On your left will be an alley where you need to head through and then turn right where you will notice vents on the wall leading up.

You need to climb on the box to access the vents and then collect the cache from above.

Civic Center SHD Cache

SHD Tech #2
This item will be underground in the sewers. You can access this location from a manhole that can be found northeast from the University. Climb down the manhole, and continue straight past through the broken pipe. Turn left and you will come across a door at the far end.

Enter it and then shoot through the glass window of the other door towards the control panel to unlock it.

Continue and you will find a door with a padlock that you can shoot and open. In this new area, you will come across an enemy that you have to kill and loot a key from him. The key will unlock the door on the right, which will contain the SHD Tech.

SHD Tech #3
This SHD Tech cache will be near Columbus Park, where it will be to the north of the park. You will find a police vehicle next to the alleyway that you need to enter.

Look up and you will find a climbing rope that you can shoot to lower and then use to climb up to the top of the building. On the roof you will find a set of stairs leading down.

Continue down this path on top of the roofs, and then you will come across a locked door that can be unlocked by shooting the control panel on the other side. You can locate it with the wires running out from the door. Enter the door, and then loot this abandoned area for the SHD cache.

SHD Tech #4
This location is at the northeast side of the Civic Center where it will be at the far end of the map. You will find a large dumping site, with trucks and black containers.

You need to climb up the white truck parked next to the black containers, and then go all the way up. This will lead you on top of a roof that will contain the SHD Tech cache.

SHD Tech #5
This location will be to the east of Columbus Park, where you will need to enter the Noodle Shop. Access the stairs from the restaurant and make your way to the rooftop. When you reach the top, you will find the cache behind the fenced area to the right.