Ghost Recon Breakpoint Ghost War PvP Tips

The PvP mode in Ghost Recon Breakpoints, Ghost War, pits two teams of four players against each other. Starting Ghost War in Breakpoint is simple, you simply select the mode from the menu after reaching Erehwon. In this Ghost Recon Breakpoint guide, we will give you some useful tips that will help you win in Ghost War PvP.

Breakpoint Ghost War PvP Tips

Going through these tips is going to make your time more worthwhile as you will have an overview of things you have to go through in Ghost War and how you are going to tackle these things.

Once you are in the Ghost War section, you have to choose between two options, Standard or Custom matches. All the challenges, rewards and achievements are going to be found under Ghost War Missions.


In Ghost War, there are six different maps in the Auroa Archipelago to explore. You have an option to choose between these maps in the PvP mode. Similar to battle royale games, the playable area decreases in Ghost War maps over time so you can’t stay on the outer ends of the map and try to snipe your enemies as the map will force you to push inwards after a certain amount of time.

Skills, Load outs and Gear

Your skills, load-outs, and gear is conserved in the PvP mode and is carried along from your campaign. Similarly, leaving the PvP mode will take all these things that you have gained, to the campaign.

Hacking the surveillance system

You have a chance to hack into the surveillance system across all maps in Ghost War which is a very good opportunity to check the location of your opponent team. This will definitely give you an upper hand over them.

Beware though, as the opponent team might be on the same task and would be hacking the system too. You do not want to end up dying just because you tried to hack the surveillance system carelessly and without any backup.


If you go and check the caches in the PvP mode, you will find syringes and drones there. These can be very helpful assets for you in the game. The syringes are used for healing purposes while the drones are used for spying purposes. You can use the drones to check what the opponent team is doing and you can create a counterplan for that. Your drones are noticeable and if you don’t use them carefully then they can get spotted and shot down.


Your skills play a major part in Ghost War as your success in the mode depends on both, your skills and gears. The Ghosts taking part in Ghost War win depending on their skills and gear.

These are some of the tips that will help you in the game if you use these smartly. Other than these, your own focus also plays a part in winning in Ghost War