How to Get More Magic Powder in Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Magic Powder is one of the items that you need in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening for a few purposes during the story. You need to have it on you at all times as you don’t know when you might have to use it. This raises the question that how to collect the Magic Powder from? Well, this guide will show you how as well as increase its carrying capacity.

Zelda: Link’s Awakening Magic Powder

There are a few ways to collect Magic Powder during your adventures and these ways include:

Trendy Game
Trendy Game is found in Mabe Village and it is one of the easiest ways to collect Magic Powder. The game is that there are a few items set out for you in a row.

These items will include a lot of different things at different times like sometimes it’s going to be gems or Heart Pieces and sometimes there might be Magic Powder.

To play the game, you need to pay 10 Rupees each time. Now you will have a claw that you have to crane wherever the Magic Powder is and then click the button to release it and grab the Magic Powder.

Witch’s Hut
If you go to the Mysterious Forest, you will find a witch’s hut there where a witch will be making the Magic Powder for you. She will be asking you to fetch a Sleepy Toadstool which also you will find in the Mysterious Forest.

Just keep moving to the end of the Mysterious Forest and eventually, you are going to find the Toadstool.

Now equip it and take it to the witch’s hut where she will be taking it for you. Now you can leave and when you come back, she would’ve made the Magic Powder and you will be able you find it from the Magic Shop.

You can do this whenever you require the Magic Powder. Just repeat the process and you will be able to but it from the Magic Shop.

Random Activities
Other than the long process that you have to go through above in order to equip the Magic Powder, you can also attempt to do random activities that will provide you with the Magic Powder.

Breaking jars and defeating enemies might also provide you with the Magic Powder but surely there will be other activities which are going to provide you with the Magic Powder time and again.

Increase Magic Powder Capacity
Now you know how to get the Magic Powder, but your inventory allows you to carry only 20 turns of the Magic Powder.

The question is that how can you increase the storage in your inventory to keep more Magic Powder around for later use. Below we have discovered a way to do that in the game.

Once you are done with Bottle Grotto, you can return back to the Mysterious Forest where you need to find the area where on your way to the Tail Cave you picked up a Toadstool.

Once you find that area and get to it, at the upper right corner, you are going to find a stone which you have to pick up. As you pick up the stone, a set of stairs will emerge in your way.

Take the stairs and go down, use some Magic Powder to light the brazier in the middle of the platform.

Mad Batter will appear in front of you and as a curse, he will increase your storage to carry double the amount of Magic Powder that you were carrying before.

And this is how you are going to increase the storage but make sure to do this after Bottle Grotto otherwise you won’t be able to do it.