Greedfall Factions Guide – All Factions, Which One Should You Join?

As you play through Greedfall, you will come across several factions throughout the game. There are a total of 6 Greedfall Factions and at the start of the game and you will be a part of Congregation of Merchants but later on, in the game, you will be able to make your choices and choose whatever faction you want.

Greedfall Factions

Here is a little overview of all these factions that are a part of Greedfall:

1. The Bridge Alliance
This is a group of scientists and they have beliefs that science is the answer to everything. They have traveled to this whole new world to just study the natives there and magic and learn new science.

2. Yecht Fradi
They are the natives of this new world that scientists have traveled to explore. It is called Teer Fradee Island. They have a very special connection to nature and they can also use magic.

3. Theleme
Theleme is like a religious organization and they have strong believes based on magic. They are always convincing the people of the island to their ideas.

4. The Congregation of Merchants
This is the starting faction of your game that hired you. It is an organization that brings together people and are looking for some great wealth and they came to the island in search of treasure.

5. Naut
This is a faction of very specialized sailors and navigators and they have a huge fleet with which they came to the island. Vasco belongs to the Nauts.

6. Coin Guard
This is an organization or more of a group of highly skilled mercenaries. They sell their expertise for security purposes or assassination and other dirty works. Kurt is a member of the Coin Guard.

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