Greedfall Companions Locations Guide – How to Find and Recruit All Companions

When playing Greedfall, you’ll come across many different factions and from them, you can recruit certain NPCs as companions to help you in your journey. Every Greedfall companion comes with unique skills, combat specializations, and attributes. This Companions Locations Guide lists all the companions for you to find.

Greedfall Companions Locations

These Greedfall companions play a crucial role in your experience when playing the game. You bond with them, help them out with their needs, and fight side-by-side with them. Below is a list of all the Greedfall companions you will meet:

1. Kurt
Kurt is a member of the Coin Guard faction who is proficient in melee combat and heavy armor. You come across him at the start of the game and improve your craftsmanship through his help. He’s a great choice for frontline combat.

2. Vasco
Vasco is a member of the Nauts faction and the captain of your ship. You will encounter him right after arriving at New Serene.

He doesn’t have the best protection but this duelist makes up for it with his amazing agility and proficiency with pistols. You can increase your Intuition skill through him.

3. Petrus
This Theleme missionary is great for close and distant combat due to this ability to wear different armor sets. He yearns to become a Cardinal someday.

4. Constantin
You encounter your cousin Constantin after you arrive in New Serene. He will go away for a bit.

5. Aphra
Aphra is a member of the Bridge Alliance who is great for long-range combat due to her expertise in firearms and explosives. You’ll meet her when you meet the faction.

6. Siora
Siora represents the Native faction and provides great support due to her proficiency with magic that allows her to heal you. She restores HP and armor while also being able to handle herself in a fight with-one handed blades.

Once you get to New Serene, your cousin will tell you to speak with the natives. She’ll become a member of your Greedfall party from there.

These are all the Greedfall Companions Locations for you. If you’ve anything else that you’d like to add, be sure to let us know!