Control Level Up Guide – Level Up Fast, How to Level Up

As you play through Control and level up, you will gain ability points and unlock new abilities as you continue progressing. Completing mission will grant you access to new hidden areas and the ability points you receive can be used to upgrade your abilities.

Control Level Up

As you keep on finding the Objects of power in the game, you keep on gaining abilities which are Dash, Launch, Shield, Seize and Levitate. In case you do not know how to level up, don’t worry as we have written this guide to help you through it:

Get out of the Board Room after completing the “Unknown Caller” mission. You will see a menu when you access the control point after speaking with Emily Pope. Select abilities from that menu and if you have unlocked abilities this is where you can upgrade them, and this is how you level up.

If you want to max out your abilities, do as many side missions you can and find hidden locations.

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