GTA Online Diamond Casino and Resort Chips Farming Guide

After a little wait, we have the opening of Diamond Casino and Resort in GTAV and Rockstar has given us many new missions to play in the casino along with some mini-games in the casino. The first thing that came up with the Diamond Casino update is chips. You need chips to bet on all those fun-packed high-stakes games at the casino like Horse Racing, Three-card Poker, Roulette, and many more. Chips will also be used to buy all the other goods available at the ground floor of the casino. So, the question here is how to acquire chips in GTA Online Diamond City and Resort update?

GTA Online Chips Farming

The answer to this question is actually very simple. There are a couple of ways to get chips in GTA Online.

First, chips can be given to all those players who become the VIP members or buy a membership pass of the club. Welcoming 5,000 chips will be given to all those who buy the standard membership of the club as well as for the VIP members.

To become a VIP member of the club, you will have to buy one of those penthouses available at the club. Although you will be given the same amount as the standard membership even if you buy that penthouse but being a VIP member of the club has other perks as well.

Second, you can go to the cashier available at the club and directly buy as many chips as you want but keep in mind there is a limit to buy chips daily. In one in-game day, you can buy 20,000 chips if you are a standard member of the club.

Now, if you are a VIP member of the club then here comes that perk for being a VIP member. Now you can buy 50,000 chips for one in-game day. Keep in mind that you have to wait long enough to buy another bunch of chips.

If the cashier is refusing to give you chips, then know that there is not a day passed yet in the game. One chip is equal to $1 in-game currency.

Third, this way of getting the chips may not be as consistent as the other two but you will also be able to get some other gifts.

You can spin this Lucky Wheel daily. Its cooldown time is also one day and by spinning this Lucky Wheel, you will be able to get different multiple prizes like GTA V currency, accessories, discount coupons or even a car.

You can also get a good sum of chips if you are lucky. Therefore, make sure to check this Lucky Wheel daily as well.

For now, we have only these above-mentioned ways to get chips in Grand Theft Auto Online. However, seeing this overwhelming response from players, Rockstar might add some cool new stuff later in the game. That is it from our GTA V Online Chips Guide.