Which Timeline Is The Witcher Netflix Series Set In?

So we recently got our first trailer for The Witcher Netflix series. You know, the show about Roach. Having played the video games, and for the people that have read the books, what timeline is the Witcher Netflix series set in?

Let’s look at what we’ve spotted in the trailer so far. I’ll start with the Medallion, something that a lot of video game fans complained looked very different. That’s because the design was taken from the books. This means we’re definitely way far back in the past. The Witcher 3 remains the furthest ahead in the chronology of the Witcher.

That gets one thing out of the way, this is way before the Witcher 3. Now let’s look at some of the other cues. Geralt having one sword was also peculiar. To me, it suggests that humans weren’t as big a threat to Witchers as they became later on. This must mean Witchers are still in business, being needed around the continent. This places the Witcher Netflix series even further back.

Let’s look at our next clue, Cirilla. Ciri is a major character in the Witcher series throughout the books. She’s literally the main focus in the Witcher 3. Her age is a big hint to which timeline we’re in with the Witcher 3. Over here it’s a little murky due to multiple things. Ciri’s still a child though, which places us several years back. A glimpse of her elder blood powers being used was also shown.

The next clue is Yennefer, who is shown still training to be a sorceress. This means we COULD see her hunchback form that she had in the books. For those of you who don’t know, Yennefer was a hag before she turned into the goth crush we all know and love today.

The invasion of the Nilfguardians or “Black ones” was also shown in a brief skirmish clip. We could be seeing hints of the Nilfguard-Redenia war here and there. My guess is that The Witcher Netflix series is either altering some timeline events or jumping back and forth between time periods. Either way, I can’t wait to check it out.