Dragon Quest Builders 2 Beginners Guide – Gratitude, Hunger Meter, Farming

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the sequel to Dragon Quest Builders. DQB2 does have some similarities with its previous game but the game is a more updated version with better gameplay, exciting tasks, and newer rewards. Even though the game is quite easy to get your head around, there are still some pointers that you should know about! In our Beginners Guide for Dragon Quest Builders 2, we have all the necessary things you need to know about.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Beginners Guide

In our Beginners Tips and Tricks Guide for Dragon Quest Builders 2, we have outlined some basic tips related to the game’s most important features and mechanics. By the end of our guide, you will definitely have a better understanding of some in-game mechanics like Gratitude, Farming, and such.

1. Multiplayer Mode

Dragon Quest Builder 2 has a Multiplayer Mode which allows the player to team up with at least three more players. First, you need to play the game and go along in the story. After a while, you will be able to unlock the Multiplayer Mode.

The feature will allow the teaming up to happen on the Isle of Awakening and then you can build houses and farms for the people of the town.

You can also participate in fights with your friends but doing all this will not be progressing in the story, as that will only happen when you play in the story as a single player.

2. Malroth the Companion

Dragon Quest Builders 2 doesn’t make you play alone in the game. In fact, this time you have a companion named Malroth with you.

Malroth is the friend you are going to take part with you in your battles while you are on a hunt for crafting items and some obstacles come in your way.

He also has weapons that are really powerful and only he has the ability to possess these features. He is not immortal but if he goes down, you can recharge him or put him to bed so he can get recharged and then you can continue with your game.

3. Hunger Meter

The game features a Hunger Meter that is on you and the meter has a range.

Although the weapons that you have are non-breakable if your Hunger Meter goes down, then even if you will be able to use your sword, it won’t do enough damage to the enemies that it was doing previously.

Therefore, when you know that you will be entering a fight, it is important that you eat something and keep your Hunger Meter full so you can take part in the fights with full stamina and defeat your enemies with ease.

4. Gratitude

In order for you to craft items and build a civilization, you need to collect Gratitude. Gratitude is an important source in the game and you collect it using different methods in the game.

There are basically two ways that allow you to collect Gratitude which is by cooking and by building rooms for the citizens.

For cooking, you first need to farm the ingredients and then put the cooked food in the chests for the NPCs to find and eat and then reward you with Gratitude.

Constructing a room will award you with Gratitude but the Gratitude received increases as you upgrade the room and more Gratitude is earned on assigning the room to an NPC. Gratitude also depends on the size of the room that you construct.

5. Farming

For farming, you require a good fertile and green land that you get by using Worm Food. Worm Food is availed when you go and *hunt the Grass Seeds*.

Grass Seeds are found in the Furrowfield Bog when you defeat Muddy Hands who are you enemies which attack you in groups.

After that, you go and find the Goblin Archer in the west and sow five Grass Seeds around him that earns you Worm Food which makes the land meadow.

You can then put a scarecrow on the land and interact with it. Choose a crop that you have grown and had the villagers grow the crops for you.