Days Gone Weapons Guide – Weapons List, Stats, Best Weapons

There’s no survival without some aggression. Days Gone puts as much emphasis on weapons as it does on stealth, encouraging players to use both for the best possible result. In our Weapons Guide, we discuss the different weapon types along with tips on how to upgrade and repair them in Days Gone.

Days Gone Weapons

Every weapon in Days Gone is tailored to different situational combat scenarios and playstyles. For example, a Combat Knife would be more suited for stealth kills, especially when it comes to a horde of the undead.

Meanwhile, a mine or an explosive will be a louder alternative to getting rid of the swarms of zombies. For picking out smaller groups of zombies while attempting your escape, Assault Rifles are the ideal weapons to use.

Here’s a full table of the firearms you’ll be able to acquire in the game as you explore the world:

Weapons Type Tier Cost Mag
22 Repeater Rifle 2 1000 5
Stinger SMG 2 1000 30
SAP9 Sidearm 2 1000 12
M40 Sniper 2 2250 1
M14 Rifle 3 1000 10
SWAT 10 SMG 3 1500 30
Lil’ Stubby Sidearm 3 2000 5
SMP9 Sidearm 3 1250 30
C8 Rifle Sniper 3 2250 5
MWS Rifle 3 1500 35
RSF60 Shotgun 3 3000 5
US556 Rifle 3 3750 30
MG45 LMG 3 2500 55
M50 Reising Rifle 4 2500 15
Crowdbreaker Shotgun 4 2500 16
Talon 7 Sniper 4 3750 5
Combat Shotgun Shotgun 4 2500 9
PPSH-41 SMG 4 2500 30
Chi Chopper SMG 4 3000 55
The Cowboy Rifle 4 1000 6
Nock Volley Shotgun 4 2500 1
Eliminator Sidearm 4 2500 9
RPD LMG 4 1500 65
Liberator Shotgun 5 3000 6
Big Game Rifle 5 3750 10
PDW Sidearm 5 1250 20
.50 BFG Sniper 5 3000 10

It should be noted that acquiring weapons from the open world isn’t as simple as picking them up. Surely, you can use them temporarily but the moment you un-equip them, they’re gone.

That’s because only owned weapons can be stored in Lockers. Therefore, you’ll first need to spend credits before you can call a weapon truly yours.

Continued usage of weapons will decrease the durability of weapons rendering them obsolete. These effects apply to Melee Weapons as well.

Whether you find a weapon in a bad state or hold onto a new one long enough that it starts to deteriorate, the stats for the equipment will suffer.

As this point, you can proceed to repair your weapons. It’s best to unlock the Field Repair skill early on in the game so you can use pieces of Scrap to repair your weapons.

Later, when you begin scavenging areas for resources, you’ll come across materials that will let you upgrade your weapons for power, range, and durability. In terms of ammo, when you run out of bullets, purchase more back at the camp.

You can also carry extra ammunition pouches by making relevant purchases at the camp after reaching a decent enough Trust level with your people. Another good strategy would be to save up on bullets by making every shot count.

Unlocking the “Focus Shot” ability will help in this regard to slow down time and thus increase the accuracy of your aim.


When it comes to taking things a bit slower and quietly, Melee Weapons and Crossbows are the way to go.

Days Gone has a variety of both blunt and sharp Melee Weapons ranging from baseball bats, pipes, and axes to clubs, crowbars, machetes, knives, and even wooden table legs.

Crossbows are a great way of silently killing enemies from a great range.

Your firearms don’t go to waste here either since you can equip a silencer on these guns so you can continue to shoot while keeping a low profile.

This can be done by heading to the Crafting Menu and constructing the silencer, provided you have the relevant materials needed for the process.

Keeping things as quiet as possible, you can also use a distraction to enhance your stealth encounters.

The “Rock On” ability under the “Melee Skills” tab will allow you to use nearby rocks to stun or distract enemies opening up other possibilities in stealth combat or traversal. When enemies are stunned, move near them to eliminate them for good.

Other Weapons

In Days Gone, your regular firearms and melee weapons aren’t the only causing of erupting violence or packing action.

Your motorcycle is an excellent versatile tool that you can use to “speed-kill” enemies in front of you. Should you find an enemy camp, you can pit the human foes against the Freakers so it works to your advantage.

This can be done by creating an explosion or simply, luring them towards the enemy camp.

On a similar note, most of the animal species in Days Gone, like wolves, for example, will be hostile towards the undead before they pick a fight against you so this interaction will also work in your favor. These are weapons of a different nature, thanks to the environmental interaction in the game.

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