Forager Beginners Guide – Leveling, Best Skills, Tools, Money Farming

Forager immediately throws you into its world and leaves you to figure it all out by yourself. When you start the game, you’re on a small plot of land and you have you to figure out what to do next. Luckily, this handy Forager Beginners Guide will give you a little bit of help in figuring out this game.

Forager Beginners Guide

The game doesn’t have much of a steep learning curve so once you get into a certain rhythm, you can figure it out pretty easily. First thing’s first! Keep an eye out for resources that you can collect with your Pickaxe.

These can be found all around… Trees, Iron/Stone nodes, Berry Bushes, and more. You should collect those Berries and plan accordingly in case you start running out of energy early in the game.

The first structure you build is the Furnace for 10 Stone. Then you make a few Fish Trap at the cost of 4 Berry and 4 Wood so that a steady supply of food is available.

Once this is done, you must start gathering resources for the Forge. It requires 8 Stone, 8 Wood, and 8 Iron Ores to construct. Gather the materials and craft Coal, 4 Iron Ingots, and 4 Bricks.

Leveling Up

After you reach the point where you can level up, you should get the Foraging Skill which leads to other useful Skills that will help you in this early point of the game.

One of these is gathering which not only increases your inventory slots, but reveals the Fishing Skill that you can get at Level 4, and then from there, you can get Hunting Skill.

Thus by purchasing one skill, you’ve unlocked a whole new potential set of other skills that make your time in the game much easier.

The Hunting Skill allows you to craft the most important tool in the game i.e. Bows. These can destroy trees and every node like Stone, Iron, Gold, etc. without consuming energy.

Once you unlock infinite arrows, hunting and gathering will become a breeze.

Learning Skills on Forager

There are a total of 64 skills you can learn on the Forager and they’ll help you solve a lot of problems. Problems such as hunger and inventory space can be resolved with the Fishing and Storage skills.

To unlock Storage, we recommend that you go through Magic that unlocks two very important skills i.e. Inscription and Brilliance. Brilliance will give you a 15% XP gain and then reveal the Storage skill right above.

This will allow you to build many Vaults that will solve your inventory space problem.


Your tools make important contributions to your progress so try to upgrade them and ensure you have the most efficient ones with you. Aside from the bow, another great tool that can be helpful in finding important items is the Shovel.

Upgrade it so that you can find items such as Sand, Gems, *Archaeology Items*, and other important resources.

Placing Lighthouses will increase the resources gathered by the shovel by 50% within the area of effect.

Using the Alchemy skill to craft potions with the cauldron can give you items like the Liquid Luck Potion that increases your chances of finding rare items and doubles the drop rate.

When you use a shrine, you end up choosing between two buffs that appear at random. One of these will generate “Digging Spots” around the Shrine that greatly increase the number of resources you can find.

Shrines cost more each time you build one, and the building cost will not decrease if you destroy one, so plan carefully before building them.


You can improve the number of coins you earn by upgrading your wallet, acquiring certain talents to reduce the cost of plots and other methods.

Selling high drop rate items is a very profitable method of increasing the amount of money you have on you.