Mortal Kombat 11 Fatalities Guide – All Characters Fatalities List, Inputs

Fatalities are a beloved token of any MK game and Mortal Kombat 11 is no exception. You can finalize your victory with one of these brutal, over-the-top, no-holds-barred gory Final Blows. In our MK11 Fatalities Guide, we’ve listed each character’s Fatalities along with their inputs across different platforms.

Mortal Kombat 11 Fatalities

Character Fatality #1 Input Fatality #2 Input
Baraka Food for Thought (Close Range)
  • PC: Back, Down, Back, 2
  • PS4: Back, Down, Back, Triangle
  • Xbox: Back, Down, Back, Y
Rock, Paper, Baraka (Close Range)
  • PC: Back, Forward, Back, 3
  • PS4: Left, Right, Left, X
  • Xbox: Left, Right, Left, A
Geras Phasing Through Time (Mid-Range)
  • PC: Back, Down, Down, 3
  • PS4: Back, Down, Down,
  • Xbox: Back, Down, Down, A
Jade Bow Before Me
  • PC: Down, Down, Right, Down, 4
  • PS4: Down, Down, Right, Down, Circle
  • Xbox: Down, Down, Right, Down, B
Poll Dance (Close Range)
  • PC: Left, Right, Down, Right, 1
  • Xbox: Left, Right, Down, Right, X
  • PS4: Left, Right, Down, Right, Square
Kabal Road Rash (Mid-Range)
  • PC: Right, Left, Down, Left, 3
  • Xbox: Right, Left, Down, Left, A
  • PS4: Right, Left, Down, Left, X
Hooked (close range)
  • PC: Down, Down, Down, 4
  • Xbox: Down, Down, Down, B
  • PS4: Down, Down, Down, Circle
Raiden Alternating Kurrent (Mid-Range)
  • PC: Back, Down, Back, 1
  • PS4: Back, Down, Back, Square
  • Xbox: Back, Down, Back, X
Scorpion You’re Next (Mid-Range)
  • PC: Back, Down, Down, 1
  • PS4: Back, Down, Down, Square
  • Xbox: Back, Down, Down, X
Chain Reaction
  • PC: Down, Forward, Back, 2
  • PS4: Down, Forward, Back, Triangle
  • Xbox: Down, Forward, Back, Y
Skarlet Bloody Mess (Mid-Range)
  • PC: Back, Forward, Down, 3
  • PS4: Back, Forward, Down, X
  • Xbox: Back, Forward, Down, A
Heart Kondition
  • PC: Down, Down, Back, 4
  • PS4: Down, Down, Back, Circle
  • Xbox: Down, Down, Back, B
Sonya To the Choppa
  • PC: Down, Forward, Back, 2
  • PS4: Down, Forward, Back, Triangle
  • Xbox: Down, Forward, Back, Y
Sub-Zero Ice-Cutioner (Mid-Range)
  • PC: Forward, Back, Forward, 2
  • PS4: Forward, Back, Forward, Triangle
  • Xbox: Forward, Back, Forward, Y
Frozen In Time (Mid-Range)
  • PC: Back, Down, Back, 4
  • PS4: Back, Down, Back, Circle
  • Xbox: Back, Down, Back, B