Black Ops 4 Zombies Ancient Evil Wonder Weapons Locations Guide – Rituals, Buildable Parts, How to Get

The iconic Wonder Weapons have become the epitome of the Zombies Mode in Call of Duty games. Apart from adding the dynamism and fun in gunplay, some intricately hidden and elaborate Easter Eggs are associated with such Wonder Weapons.

Here is a comprehensive guide on acquiring and upgrading all Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies Ancient Evil Wonder Weapons.

Black Ops 4 Zombies Ancient Evil Wonder Weapons

Developed around the Ancient Greece setting, the Wonder Weapons are described and attributed to being “God Hands” and there are a total of four such arms. Each one requires a ritual to be completed before you can get your hand on that weapon.

However, before you can start your hunt for these OP weapons, you’ll need to acquire a special item.

The Dormant Hand is a weapon that can be acquired by melee-ing any one of the twenty or so spots or objects on the Ancient Evil map.

Although there are multiple locations for the aforementioned weapon, we’ll be sharing some of them below. It’s very likely that you’ll find the item in one of these spots.

  • Cliff Ruins: Nearby the Birdcage in this region.
  • Python Pass: Nearby the Acid Trap in this region.
  • Intersection of Treasuries: Look for one near the stones at the base of the sword here.
  • Stoa of Athenians: One potential spot is that in a vase. There’s also one on the bench here or to the right of the boat situated in the area.
  • Spartan Monument: Find one behind the pillar near the fire pot. If you don’t have much luck there, look for one in the pile of rocks behind the statue.
  • Center of the World: One is situated in a mud pile to the left of the Ouranos shrine while the other can be found between the trap and the Pack-a-Punch machine.

Now that you’ve acquired The Dormant Hand from one of the above locations, you’re set to go when it comes to creating the four Wonder Weapons. Let’s start with Hand of Charon first:

Hand of Charon

While having the Dormant Hand equipped, navigate to Python Pass and place the hand on the Charon shrine there. Interact with the shrine for the process of “Initiation of Charon” to begin.

You will need to fight off some “red” glowing zombies while remaining within a circle yourself. At the end of the battle, you’ll acquire the Fallen Hand of Charon.

To upgrade the weapon into its “Redeemed” version, first head to River of Sorrows near Odin by taking the Pack-a-Punch area route.

Eliminate a bunch of zombies using the Fallen Hand of Charon and then proceed to drink the water from the river so the screen turns red. You won’t regenerate health so quickly collect the real coins in the region, a total of three.

Then head back to deposit these coins at Charon’s Altar to obtain the Redeemed Hand of Charon.

Hand of Ouranos

First, head to the Center of the World through Pegasus and place the Dormant Hand on Ouranos’ Shrine. In a similar fashion to Hand of Charon, stay in the blue circle while eliminating blue highlighted zombies.

This will continue until the “Initiation Process” is complete after which you can acquire the Fallen Hand of Ouranos.

When it comes to upgrading the Wonder Weapon, navigate to the following three locations to blast zombies onto the three arrows using your Fallen Hand of Charon.

  • Cliff Ruins: Above the balcony.
  • Python Pass: Nearby the ritual circle.
  • Center of the World: On the pillar near the Pack-a-Punch machine.

When you shoot a zombie towards the arrow, a blue feather will fall which you’ll have to shoot while it’s airborne. This will direct it towards the Ouranos Shrine completing the task.

Do this for all the three arrows and you’ll open a portal at the Ouranos Shrine. Enter the portal and take part in a trial. If you’re successful, you’ll be rewarded the Redeemed Hand of Ouranos.

Hand of Hemera

Navigate to the Monument of Craterus and place the Dormant Hand on the Hemera shrine. Activate the shrine and fight off against the yellow glowing zombies while remaining in the circle until the Initiation process is complete.

Collect the Fallen Hand of Hamera at the end of the trial. Upgrading it to its “Redeemed” variation will first require you to track down three mirrors at three distinct locations.

These can be found in the Gymnasium Bathhouse, the Upper Bridge and the Temple Terrace, all within the Upper Road location.

First, shoot these mirrors so they’re angled properly and facing a nearby bowl. Once done, use the Fallen Hand of Hamera to reflect the projectile off it so it gets collected in the bowls.

Do this for all three mirrors so that all the three bowls now carry a glowing yellow orb/projectile within them. Now proceed to melee all the bowls and then quickly melee the shrine at the Monument of Craterus as well.

This will transfer all the balls of light to the shrine, opening up a portal at the shrine. Enter the portal and complete the challenge to obtain the Redeemed Hand of Hamera.

Hand of Gaia

Head to the Spartan Monument to place the Dormant Hand on the Gaia Shrine and interact with it to begin the “Initiation Process”. Now fight off the zombies, as usual, the ones that glow green while remaining in the highlighted circle.

At the end of the battle, collect the Fallen Hand of Gaia.

Upgrading it requires you to track down three plants that have red crystals embedded within them. These plants are quite noticeable and can be found at the Temple of Terrace, Stoa of Athenians and Intersection of Treasuries.

Use the Fallen Hand of Gaia to shoot the crystals off of the plants in order to acquire the Seedling of Gaia from each.

Place them on the shrine of Gaia to open up a portal which you’ll need to enter. Complete the trial and you’ll be teleported to Earth’s End where you’ll face another challenge, this time with infinite ammo for your Redeemed Hand of Gaia.

Achieving victory, you get to finally keep the upgraded version of the weapon for yourself.

Apollo’s Will

Although not a Wonder Weapon, this is still a very unique and powerful shield that also has a spear attached to it. Thus, it serves both a defensive and offensive purpose.

Furthermore, while on your hunt for the main Easter Egg, you’ll be requiring Apollo’s Will on multiple occasions in order to progress forward.

To craft it, you’ll be required to first collect the three components of the shield. The handle of Apollo’s Will can be acquired by heading to the end of the bridge in the Upper Roads region.

The spear attachment is obtained by either heading to Stoa of Athenians or the Intersection of Treasuries. Finally, the shield itself will be dropped as loot once you eliminate a Gegenees mini-boss.

For crafting Apollo’s Will using its three pieces, head to the crafting table in the Marketplace. The table is situated right next to the 9mm Saug Wallbuy.

These are all the Black Ops 4 Zombies Ancient Evil Wonder Weapons in the DLC. If you have anything to add to the guide, be sure to let us know!