New Red Dead Online Update to Bring New Modes, Weapons, And More Next Week

Red Dead Online is still in beta but Rockstar Games is ready to expand it further by bringing in more showdown modes, new races, competitive fishing, gameplay enhancements, weapons and more with the upcoming update which arrives next week on Tuesday, February 26th.

The upcoming update of Red Dead Redemption 2 online will also address the issues of “destructive player behavior”. Starting from the next Tuesday, the developers advise you to look out for new content and weekly promotions.

The biggest addition coming to Red Dead Online is “Fool’s Gold Free Roam Event” which will allow the players to get hands on a “protective suit of Golden Armor”. Just spot the person who has the armor on and take him down to claim it as your own. Afterward, you can assassinate everyone else to earn kills and points. It’s somewhat like a juggernaut from COD so make the most out of it while you have it.

Fishing challenges are now a part of Red Dead Online’s Competitive Challenge list. During the challenge, you will receive all the required accessories including the bait, rod, and lures depending on the challenge type you have chosen. The players participating in the challenging will not have to worry about any griefing. To win, you have to catch the biggest fish as the player with the highest fish weight total will win.

Apart from that, three new Showdown modes are coming to Red Dead Online including Up in Smoke, Spoils of War, and Plunder. In these new modes, players and teams will be required to steal loot from each other or to capture and deliver bags. More information about these modes will be revealed in the upcoming days.

Target races will receive a new variation where the players will have to shoot targets from the horseback to pass checkpoints in order to cross the finish line first. That’s not it as the PlayStation 4 players will also get the opportunity to try out open target races first as compared to Xbox One players.  In the open target race, the players will compete to take out most of the targets while riding on the horseback. PS4 players will also get early access to a Jawbone knife which is a melee weapon.

New weapons coming to the game include the Evans Repeater rifle and a Rare Shotgun. You can get hands on both of these new weapons from Wheeler, Rawson Catalogue and Gunsmiths.

New cosmetic items are also coming our way. New outfits including boots, coats, gloves, Jackets, Vests and more. Rockstar also advises you to keep an eye on different shops and catalog to receive some special items which will come and go by time. New emotes are also coming ranging from different taunts to reactions.

There’s no official release date for Red Dead Online full release yet so if you haven’t already then try out the beta today.