Atlas Leveling Guide – How to Level Up Fast, Leveling Tips

Atlas is a new addition in the genre of survival games. It is developed by the same studio that made ARK Survival Evolved; so in essence, it may feel similar to ARK.

Atlas Leveling

Like ARK, Atlas contains both PVE and PVP aspects and like ARK the game itself is no walk in the park. Aside from deadly creatures out to get you, other players you encounter may not be friendly either.

Therefore, leveling up may be a priority for most players out there, in order to hold their own against such threats.

Basics of Leveling Up

Like most games, Atlas follows the same trend, get experience points by conducting some form of activity, such as collecting materials or hunting.

You can monitor your progress by accessing your inventory. Here, the gauge in the middle, below your name represents the experience points you need in order to level up.

As you attain some experience points the gauge will fill up with a yellow bar, when the bar is fully filled, you level up and gain a Skill Point.

How to Level Up

If you are starting out the game, select the free port to spawn in, here you can find a man on the pier that will give you a raft in exchange for some materials. Gather those materials and make a raft, and use it to travel to the nearest island.

Ideally, you will have to be at least level 4 to get started. If you are not level 4, then you can start gathering materials to get yourself up to level 4.

You can do that by collecting plants or hitting trees to get some wood. By this time, you will get the general feel of the game and may have acquired some tools to assist you.

Once reaching level 4, you will be able to unlock bow and arrow. Bow and arrow can only be unlocked with your Skill Point.

After leveling up, go to the Skills tab, next to the Inventory tab, here under the Survivalism tab you can invest your points until you have unlocked Archery.

After that, the option to unlock bow and arrow will be available, in the new tab beside Survivalism tab, called Archery & Throwing Weapons.

The simpler method to level up is to hunt down animals. You will find several different species on an island; the harder it is to kill a species, the more rewarding it will be.

Therefore, while killing passive animals like a horse may be quite easy, but the reward will be insignificant compared to killing a deadly animal-like, a bear.

Method to Achieve

Although you can kill animals with your spear, a spear will not be as effective against an aggressive creature that is why a bow is a more suitable choice. Ideally, you have to target your prey from a good distance.

Hit your target with an arrow, then run around and hit another one, the whole idea revolves around this, this is more effective against animals who are slower than you, but if you are smart enough you can juke even a faster animal.

Advance Method

For more experienced players, an excellent way to achieve insane amounts of XP is to hunt Alpha animals. Tracking down an Alpha animal is no easy task, and even if you find it, it will not be easy to take down.

Alpha version of specie is a very powerful version of that animal, it cannot be taken down by a few arrows, but if you manage to kill it, you will get an enormous boost to your level, typically, about 7 to 8 levels.