Best Ways To Make Money Fast in Red Dead Online

The Wild West is a dangerous, scenic, and a very expensive place. The gunfights with the bandits are menacing, but even buying an apparel for your wardrobe might cost you an arm and a leg. In these difficult times earning money is painful, but here is a Red Dead Online Money Farming Guide that would get you through your tough time.

Red Dead Online Money Farming

First off, there is no easy way of earning money, so you have to earn your keep with your blood and your sweat. Initially, you must have a better weapon, because the revolver is not going to cut it.

You can earn $250+ right off the bat, with your first mission.

Story Missions

After you are done with the tutorial, tap left on your D-pad to go to Free Roam Menu, where you have to scroll down to Quick Join and select Story Mission On-Call. Here you will find your meal ticket “Kill Them, Each and Every One”.

This quest is straightforward, where you and your crew are required to clear out a military base and execute its leader.

It will take you around 10 mins to complete, but keep in mind, each time you die your payout will diminish, so in order to get the most out of it, it is advised that you keep yourself alive.

Unfortunately, the quest cannot be farmed for cash, because replaying the quest will only give you experience and no money. Therefore, after you are done with it, you can keep on doing more quests or opt for alternative ways.

If you keep on doing the quest you can make yourself some decent cash, and some quests might even reward you with trinkets and guns as a reward.

However, the problem with this is that sometimes you might get the quest you have already completed and replayed it will not earn you any cash.

It is advised that after you have completed a couple of quests and earn a good chunk of money, head over to the Gun Store.

Here the Springfield and the Bolt Action Rifle are the optimal choices, of course, the more expensive weapon is better in most cases, the same rule applies here.

The Springfield goes for $240 that you can afford after your first quest, while the Bolt Action Rifle goes for $360, so you might have to face some grind before you are able to get your hands on it.

The best long-term investment is the Bolt Action Rifle; you can use that to earn money by hunting. With this weapon, you will be able to score perfect pelts from larger animals like deer, while also netting more meat from them.

Red Dead Online

Jump into multiplayer. Play one of the many game-modes at your disposal such as Showdown and Featured Series. Winning will get you more cash than losing obviously, but cash nonetheless in both situations


Tired of mindless killing and looting bodies? How about doing that with fish instead? To be able to get your very own trusty fishing rod you need to be level 14. Get some good bait, find a fishing spot that is near a Butcher (So you can sell quicker), put some music on, and fish away.

Gang Hideouts

Another superior method would be to raid Gang Hideouts, with this method, you will be making bank. Now, raiding these hideouts is no walk in the park, these guys are armed to the teeth and you must also have a feasible weapon to deal with them.

After you are done slaughter them, it is very crucial that you loot their bodies. Looting their bodies gets you around 10 cent each that is not much, but we are mainly looking for valuable trinkets like a gold watch and more importantly the Treasure Maps.

Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting is something that carries over from the singleplayer and you will need to find maps and then follow their clues to find Treasure Chests around the world.

Treasure Chests are worth searching for because they often hold items like money clips, sellable items and even Gold Bars.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online’s premium currency and is the most efficient way of making money, but it is rare to find a treasure map, so Treasure Hunting is combined with the previously discussed method.

Infinite Money Exploit

This is a fairly simple exploit that you earn you virtually unlimited amount of cash. Essentially, what you need to do is to find animals on a farm, kill them all, sell their skins, change server, and repeat the process.

For more details on how this RDR2 Online money exploit works, be sure to head over to the link.

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