Devil May Cry 5: Nico Is A Kind Of Sassy That Franchise Has Never Seen

Devil May Cry 5 will feature multiple playable characters, however, Nicoletta “Nico” Goldstein won’t be one of them. Now, Capcom has explained why she won’t be playable in the game and what sets her apart from other characters in Devil May Cry 5.

Speaking with Dualshockers, game director Hideaki Itsuno and producer Matt Walker talked about Devil May Cry 5 and its characters. The developers noted that the team never intended to make Nico playable in Devil May Cry 5 and part of the reason is how her character.

According to Hideaki Itsuno, the reason why Nico isn’t playable in the game is her personality as she is not a fighter but is the one to tell others to man up and fight.

We never thought to make her playable. The way we see Nico, she’s not the type to go out there fighting. She is the one who gives you crap. “You’ve gotta be better at fighting! You’ve gotta be careful with the merchandise!”

The idea is that you’re going to play as Nero, and that’s part of her appeal. She’s not the one who goes out there to fight. She is the one that tells you that you gotta man up and improve your game.

He further noted that Nico’s character is very different from any other female characters in the Devil May Cry 5 and added that her character is sassy, the kind of sassy that never has been in the Devil May Cry series.

Nero has Kyrie, but Kyrie is incredibly important for him, so much so that he doesn’t want to put her in any kind of danger. We wanted a character who would be able to go with Nero and be there for him. That’s how the idea for Nico came up. At the same time, we wanted a new kind of heroine character. We wanted one who was going to be sassy, the kind of sassy that we hadn’t yet seen in the Devil May Cry series.

Speaking of the game, Devil May Cry 5 will also take advantage of PS4 Pro and Xbox One X and Capcom has confirmed that the game will be 4K/60 FPS on the PS4 Pro.

The game might be using checkboard technique for a 4K display because even the first-party titles for the PS4 Pro use this technique as PS4 Pro isn’t powerful enough to run games at native 4K.

Devil May Cry 5 is an action hack and slash game in development at Capcom and is scheduled to launch on March 8, 2019, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Dualshockers