FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Guide – Get Started, Earning FUT Coins, Rewards

We all know what happens after you have finished the Career/Story modes of the game; well, of course, you resort to the popular FIFA 19 Ultimate Team mode, who would not. Our FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Guide will tell you everything you need to know.

With the constant new challenges, new strategies, opportunities for building your team the way you want, there is a lot to understand about the mode.

Let us outline some fundamentals and vital information for you to be acquainted with the mode entirely and excel at it.

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Guide

Ultimate Team is based around the idea of some microtransactions but hey, do not worry, you can still acquire player cards by playing through the various leagues and modes in FUT and earning the in-game currency.

Either way, you keep on progressing and building a team which gets you better results in matches, be them against the CPU or online opponents.

You can also **trade, buy, and sell** player cards at the Store section of the mode where bids are placed for the respective card.

Cards are categorized by their tier rank: Bronze, Premium Bronze, Silver, Premium Silver, Gold, and finally Premium Gold that includes the legendary players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Early on, you will have bronze players on your team but with saving enough FIFA Points or the FUT Coins, you can get silver or even gold packs.

If you are looking for a quick boost of say, seven games, you can acquire loan players for that purpose.

These will be temporary rare player cards, with the likes of the stars discussed above, and they will only stick in your team for 7 matches to give you a boost in your performance and results.

That is not to say that all other players stay in your team permanently. Sure, they will stick around for a while but it can be helpful to know when their contract expires. You can check these details on the contract of each player.

When selling cards, be mindful of the 5% tax policy of EA which means that you will only be able to earn a maximum 0.95 of the true value of your card which you are willing to sell at the store.

Of course, even if you sell at a much lower price than that which you bought the card for, the tax still applies. Keep checking the store regularly for unexpected and surprising cheap cards, or undervalued ones.

Earning FUT Coins and Other Rewards

First things first, play through The Journey mode to earn all the rewards you can for the Ultimate Team. We mean that you need to complete all the chapters for all three of the characters.

The rewards include a loan player card, the Jim Hunter card, and his signature football.

Not to mention all of the three characters, which by the end of the campaign will have decent stats, will also unlock in FUT for you to acquire.

Additionally, the steady source of earning FUT coins is via the daily and weekly challenges. These simple tasks or objectives ask you to play a team with a given formation, to score X number of goals, to match cards together, etc.

In addition to the FUT coins, you will also earn Consumables from these objectives.

These will help you extend contracts of your existing players, fitness cards for shortening recovery times of injured players, and cards which will increase the chemistry and hence the teamwork between certain players.

Engage in Squad Battles or challenging teams similar to your rank. Start with the easier ones first before climbing your way to the harder tiers and subsequently more rewards.

In each of these matches, you play in the Squad Battles, everything from the goals you score, to tackles made, to cards received gets counted in the overall performance in the match and thus the number of coins you will eventually receive.

Finally, you can log in at special events like the Boxing Day, Champions League final, etc. to receive free rewards from the guys at EA Sports.

If you really want to grind all you can and do not want to be away from the game for too long, you can use the FIFA 19 companion app on PC or mobile phones to stay in touch with the transactions at the Store or managing your team on the go.

This is all we have in our FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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