The Original God Of War Director Feels the New God of War in a Weird Way

Well, this news is not only fascinating but has an element of surprise in it as well. We all are familiar with the success of the new God Of War. No true gamer in his right mind would turn down the chance to play it. Well, there is one person who apparently has no desire to play this game.

Curious as it may seem, apparently the director of the original God Of War, the one who started it all, David Jaffe has not yet played the new, much loved God Of War.

Reason being that he has no desire to play it or perhaps he is in no rush to check it out. For those who might not remember, Jaffe has previously worked on some of the most popular titles like Twisted Metal and on the original God Of War for PlayStation 2.

Which you may know as the title, which ignited the God Of War series. So just recently Jaffe took to his Twitter account and revealed that he has not played the well anticipated, the amazing and the successful new God Of War. Just because he has no desire to.

If there was any ambiguity he clarified that as well by saying that “Not because I don’t think I’d love it” but because playing it would make him feel like that he is going out to dinner with a girl, whom he used to be crazy about with her rich, cool new boyfriend.

Well, on a lighter note it may not reveal much on what he means by that but if you spend a little time around, what he said, only one reason pops up that he regrets not being a part of this sequel.

He knows that the game is amazing but since he was among those who practically made this franchise to what it is now, he thinks that he has the right to deem it not cool in a way.

Perhaps he has the right but this really seems to have struck the nerves of millions of God Of War fans in some manner, that is for sure.