Dragon Quest XI Side Quests – How To Complete, Optional Quests Walkthrough

There are tons and tons of side quests for you to do when playing Dragon Quest XI and they tend to add a little more depth to the game. We will be telling you about all of the

Dragon Quest XI Side Quests

and how do they differ from one another.

This Dragon Quest XI Side Quests Guide will tell you how to do all of the Dragon Quest XI Side Quests as well as where they are found in a step-by-step manner.

Dragon Quest XI Side Quests

You can open your quest log by going to the menu and clicking on it.

Remember that it is possible for you to have 2 or more side quests activated at the same time so it is not a problem if you are unable to complete one of them as you can continue it anytime you want.

Let us go ahead and take a look at the side quests in Dragon Quest XI and how to do them.

The People’s Friend

You see the quest as a purple dot on the map. Go to your house and jump the boxes to get to the shed roof and grab the chest before returning to complete this quest.

Amelia’s In a Pickle

Find the crying girl near the Inn and use the Inn stairs and then the ladder to get to the cat and retrieve it before coming back.

The Soldier and the Strategist

Get the books for the man near the Armor Shop towards the east side of the city and inside of a house near the Downtown entrance.

It Takes Two to Tango

A warrior outside the church gives you this quest. Have Erik and your character in Pep mode and have them glow blue and use the move that he asks you to use.

Put a Ring on It

Get the quest from a man behind the bar. Take the gold to the forge and craft the ring for him before coming back. Do not put the ring on yourself.

Smiths and Sparkly Sots

A man in the village wants you to bring some Iron Ore. Pick the Shinnies dropped by the blue crystals near the Cryptic Crypt and bring them to him.

A Cactus Cutlet to Die For

Find the golden globule for a man in the bar by defeating a golden globe. Fight Cactiballs in a desert near Laguna Di Gondolia checkpoint to fight the golden globe and retrieve the Globule.

A Walk On the Wild Side

Use the main character and defeat the Akio in Doge’s house. Then hand the letter that you received from a guard near Gondolia to his sister and the quest will be complete.

a little Bit of Lantern

After the incident at the tree of life, talk to the astronomer and then go to the pernicious Peninsula to pick up the gold shine from the floor and return it.

Anything for Love

A man at the armor and weapon shop will give you this quest. Head down the beach and kill a Coralossues to get the coral and deliver it back.

Shiver Me Timbers

Find this quest at the Inn and then head to the south-east of the port to get yourself some pepper from the pirates and return it to the guy at the inn.

A Rush of Blood

A guy on the beach wants a bunt girl outfit which you need to craft. It costs 500 tokens as a reward from the casino or 10000 coins. Using the coins will save a lot of time.

The Search for The Sage’s Stone

The item that you want to find is in Nautica. Speak with the queen and turn into a fish to find it on the map.

A Rose Arose Where No Rose Grows

A woman will want to find a flower. Warp to Galloplis, then go south to the sand, and find the golden glow.

The Shadow

You need an autograph from the shadow. Go to the upper Octagonia stairs and then head to the area with the ledge which you can use to jump up near them. Follow this path and talk to the guy to get his autograph.

Skincare for the Fierce and the Fabulous

You need to get this quest near the arena. The Mellow Vera can be found at the campsite near the Ruins of Dundrasil.

A Path to Paradise

Get this quest form the priest. Use Care Prayer during the fight through Serena and pep both your characters to do this.

A Ballad of Bravery

The Minstrel at the Inn wants you to find sheet music. Go to the Dundrasil region and find the chest inside a save point in a cabin.

Up Where They Walk

The mermaid will tell you to find a human singer. The singer is in Gondolia near the Light House.

Justice is Brined

A mermaid in the sunken ship will tell you to find a book which is to the west on an island. Look for it inside a cabin.

Soothing Seaweed

A kid at the beach wants some help with a mermaid. Go to the guy on the dock at the island marked above for the item that is required.

My Kingdom for Some Kanaloamari

A sailor wants some Kanaloamari. You need a Pep power between a Flame Slash and Hot Lick. Go to the far east of the map and find a Tentacular, which is a giant squid with the pep power.

Light it Up

An old man will give you this quest which has you taking down a Brollygager. Wait for rain and then kill the enemy that looks like an umbrella to get the item that you require.

Worth its Salt

Find the Rainbow Rock Salt at the Grotta Della Fonte near Gondolia.

Making Things Right

Buy the green stones at a store in the academy and find the mirror stone to complete the quest.

A Memorable Mystery

A woman at the Inn will give it to you. Find the memory box when it is dusk, go outside the tree with the swing and find the gold shiny on the floor to complete the quest.

Madame Labouche’s Life Lesson

Near the entrance of the Tree of Life, you can find a slug with this quest. Raise your charm to 350 to complete the quest.

A Delayed Diploma

Go to the upstairs of the armor shop in Sniflheim and talk to the girl there, give her the diploma to complete the quest.

A Fragrant File

The zombie girl wants perfume. Go to the Crypt and head past the save point to the boss room and speak to the zombie to get the perfume.

A Right Riddle

A slime has a riddle for you in the Library. The answer is Still Broadsword, then Fizzle Foil.

One Last Request

Go to the academy at night and the ghost in the class will give you her last wish. Go to the Zwaardsrust map to find the gravestone.

A Cold Crush

Find the flower in Snaerfelt and pick up the Golden Shine to give to the old man and complete this quest.

The Viking Hoard

Go to the Viking hideout and talk to the skinny man. Go to his brother on the island to the north side of the Tree of Life before talking to the guy who is fishing and getting the item.

A Dish Served Cold

Kill a G0 which is found near the lake in Snaerfelt. Fight the robots and kill the G0 to complete the quest.

Planting Seeds For the Future

Fight a Wight Bulb near the altar leading to the World tree and kill a gold bulb to complete the quest.

Fit as a Fiddle

Find Red Kale on the north side of the first forest on the map, it will be a gold shine on the floor.

A Long Lost Literary Love

Go to the North West building of Gallipolis to find the love letter after you are told that it is in a cabin in Mangegrove (the letter will be on the bookshelf).

Understanding Angri-La

A monk on the second floor will give you this quest. Use the pep power Blaze of Glory on Boreal Serpents on the path of Mount Pang Lai and defeat one of them to complete the quest.

That is all we have for our Dragon Quest XI Side Quests. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!