Madden NFL 19 Solo Battles Guide, Rewards, Ranks and How Battle Score Works

In a shared experience that reflects the whole community, the new Solo Battles mode of MUT in Madden NFL 19 shows how well you can perform in a match relative to others. In our Madden NFL 19 Solo Battles Guide, we discuss the rewards for Solo battles ranks and how to achieve them thanks to some tips we’ll share today.

Solo Battles in Madden NFL 19

In the ultimate team mode of Madden NFL 19, Solo Battles is a special mode that pits you against AI opponents as you win matches and in such a fashion as to rank up high worldwide. These come with their own rewards in terms of coins, player cards and contribution to the overall MUT level. These matches of the Solo battles span over a extended period of time with 13 matches each week.

Depending on how you perform in each game in that week, you may make your way to a nice spot on the leaderboards. You can view your opponents for the week by going into the opponent’s tab. Here you can view their formations, their offensive style and their overall rating. This gives you a chance to plan ahead before actually facing them.


Next, you can see the rewards you’ll be receiving if you end up in the top 100 of the world’s best. Of course, after every ten levels or so, the quality and quantity of rewards increase. Even if you don’t end up in the top 100 list, you can still earn rewards based on how high your overall solo battle score is. These rewards include special player cards, a whole lot of coins and trophies. You can check out all the requirements and rewards in the ‘My rank’ tab of the solo battles screen.

Mostly, you’ll be getting huge sums of coins that you can spend in store to purchase cards and other upgrades. Other times, you may get some special reward packs listed below:

  • Trophy packs which help you unlock some players or coaches that belong in the 70s attribute range.
  • The Hail Mary pack has a chance of a few gold cards, but there will mostly be silver cards with 60s attribute range.
  • Midfield packs have more gold cards in the 70s attribute range than Hail Mary but aren’t without a few silver ones as well.
  • The Redzone pack will have numerous gold cards along with one attributed at 80 overall. It may also have the probability of having a legendary player card.
  • The Touchdown pack has all player cards in the 80s attribute range.

How Battle Score Works

Do note, you’ll be playing at a high difficulty in these modes so the AI will be relentless, and so your game needs to be top notch. With that being said, you can still select from some given difficulty modes in the Solo battle options. These range from the Ultimate level to the Beginner level. The former will allow you to get 100% of whatever your earn as points in the match, to 0% of what you get at Rookie or Beginner level. That is why it’s essential to go as big as possible, otherwise try to match  your skill level and the opponent’s, you don’t want to go so hard on yourself or the team.

A number of factors are taken into account when deciding on a final battle score for a given match. Generally, these include the number of touchdowns, yards covered, point differential. Other times, there are more technical aspects to it like a balance between the overall offense and defense of your team in the match, more passes completed per touchdown and more. So try to play the match as properly and realistically as possible. You don’t have to perform miracles, neither do you need to show off your skills too much. Play a balanced game with variety in your plays and attacks. If you want to learn more about MUT play styles, you can check our MUT 19 best playbooks guide for more tips.

With that said, there’s no actual formula or given strategy that is explicit in the game. You have to forge your own path when it comes to what works best and is most consistent in awarding you a high battle score. Even though despite all of that, the ‘Sail’ playbook is doing wonders for many players around the world when it comes to the offense of the team. For defense, Tampa 2 play has been quite exceptional with its focus on the middle of the field.