Madden NFL 19 MUT Best Playbooks Guide

At its deepest core, Madden NFL 19 is a game about strategy, tactics, and careful planning. In our Madden NFL 19 MUT Best Playbooks Guide, we have talked about the various playbooks in the game that let you play around with the formations, attack, and defense plans. Read below to know which playbooks will be best for your team and playstyle.

Madden NFL 19 MUT Best Playbooks

When you first select your favorite team in the game, you will get your hands on the first playbook. These are like guidebooks that come with their own unique formations, strategies, personnel, and both offensive/defensive options.

Your first playbook can be utilized in the Ultimate Team Mode where you get an excellent defensive option, thanks to the Dallas Cowboys.

Best Defense Playbooks

But when it comes to the best of the best in defense, there are five playbooks that stand out from the rest of others.

Carolina Panthers
Carolina Panthers carry the 5, 2 option to stop runs up the field. The Packers coming with the 1, 4, 6 or 2, 3, 6 formations. This provides a bunch of cornerbacks and secondaries to keep the ball and intercept it if need be.

The Baltimore Ravens
The Baltimore Ravens have the 3, 3, 5 formation including a pair of 3, 4. The Jaguars carry the dime formation and have pairs including 4, 3.

New England Patriots
The team that excels in defense is definitely the New England Patriots with their 3, 3, 5 formation including both pairs 3, 4 and 4, 3. Although their offense isn’t strong, they can take lead early and hold onto that result with their strong defense.

Detroit Lions
Detroit Lions act as an indestructible wall to the enemy with their strong defense. You’ll be giving your enemies way too many fronts to worry about, giving them a low probability of finding a proper opening.

Matt Patricia brings defense which can switch between a 3-4 and 4-3, as well as providing five different alignments for each composition. You can get 3-4 Odd, 3-4 Under, 3-4 Solid, 4-3 Under, and 4-3 Over.

Use blitzes such as 3-4 Under Pinch Buck 0, zone blitzes such as 4-3 Under Mike Will Cross Press, as well as 3-4 Solid Cover 4 Quarters. Pressure the front and make a touchdown with the Lions’ equally formidable offense!

Best Offense Playbooks

The New Orleans Saints
The New Orleans Saints is a viable option since they have a tight control over the ball with the single back tight slots and their attacking options are favored thanks to the shotgun formation. They also have the Drag play available in their shotgun formation.

Their Singleback Deuce Close and variable shotgun formations can pose a real threat to defenses of any strong team. The I Form Slot Flex also combines some great passing with an impeccable offense.

The Jets
The Jets also boost strong offense opportunities when it comes to an aggressive trio and slotbacks. They, however, lack some plays including the gun bunch, so your call really. Next up, the Seattle Seahawks have a good spread in their formation along with strong shotgun options and balance in the under-center.

They also have access to the gunplay option. In their gun formation, you have got the Wing Pair play and many offset plays which are quite unique.

The Seahawks
For the whole running game, the Seahawks shine as well. With their Wing Tight Z, you will come across many occasions where the defenders can’t succeed in chasing down your attacker. Their playbooks are always about creating new angles and deceiving the opposition to cover some good yardage.

The San Francisco 49ers
The San Francisco 49ers carry one of the best offense options because of their strong gunners and split backs. This makes for a quick counter-attack and you can be sure to perform touchdowns without as much of an effort as the other teams, thanks to the I formation of the team.

Best Overall

The Steelers
The Steelers Playbook is one of the better playbooks thanks to a number of formations that come with them. These include the single-backwing tight and single-backwing close. Then there are the I formation, pistol, and the trio formations in the shotgun category. Although more suited for offense, they aren’t weak in their defensive options either with their off-set options.

Arizona Cardinal
You can also check out the Arizona Cardinal’s playbooks. In the single-back playbook, you have the Double South play option which only a handful of teams have. The Strong Tight in strong formation ensures some good ball-running options. Sharing the Bunch Tie in the Pistol formation with the Saints, this is an overall good playbook option. Lastly, the Gun Split Close is a must-have play as it covers most of the field.

New England Patriots
Finally, the New England Patriots, which some consider being the best playbook in the game. Though we mentioned it in the best defense playbooks section as well, overall you’re not going to get anything stronger than their plays. In the Single Back formation, you’ve got the unique Ace Close and the popular Tight Close.

The strong formation has a bunch of plays for running the ball just fine. The shotgun formation really excels with the gun split close pats and the double flex plays.

The Split Close Pats, Gun bunch, Y off and Trip plays only cement the Patriots as having all the options both offensively and defensively.

Even when it comes to passing the ball, the Patriots have some dynamism about it. Formations like Deuce Close and Wing Slot really work well here. When they get down to business, it can be quite worrisome for the defenders to even predict their passing routes.

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