Dead Cells Weapons Guide – Blueprint Locations, Ranged, Melee

Weapons are the main way to deal damage in Dead Cells. There are a lot of different weapons which are either melee or ranged and this Dead Cells Weapons Guide will tell you about all of them. This Dead Cells Weapons Guide will tell you about the scaling of the weapons that are found in Dead Cells as well as where to find their Blueprint Locations to acquire these weapons for yourself.

Dead Cells Weapons

Pretty much every weapon in the game will have some purpose. However, many weapons will obviously be much better than the others. For that reason, it is best to fool around with them to see which one of them works for you before you settle on a particular one. You will eventually unlock these weapons as you play through the story by finding their blueprints. Let’s go ahead and take a look at how you can do that.

Melee Weapons Locations

Weapon Blueprint Location Scaling
Rusty Sword Starter Weapon Brutality
Assassin’s Dagger Found above the starting point of the Promenade of the Condemned Brutality
Spiteful Sword Found at Buzzcutter (0.03% chance) Brutality
Blood Sword Found at Zombie (100% chance) Brutality
Twin Daggers Already unlocked Brutality
Cursed Sword Found at Conjunctivius on second kill Brutality/Tactics
Sadist’s Stiletto Found at Spiker (1.7% chance) Brutality
War Spear Found at Hammer (1.7% chance) Brutality/Survival
Rapier Found at Scorpion (0.4% chance) Brutality
Valmont’s Whip Found at Disgusting Worm (0.4% chance) Brutality/Survival
Oiled Sword Found at Bat (1.7% chance) Brutality
Torch Found at Death Spitter (1.7% chance) Brutality
Frantic Sword Found at Kamikaze (0.4% chance) Brutality/Tactics
Impaler Found at the The Concierge on second kill Brutality
Wrenching Whip Found at Pirate Captain (0.4% chance) Brutality
Balanced Blade Already unlocked Brutality
Shovel Found at Purulent Zombie (Graveyard) (0.4% chance) Brutality/Survival
Nutcracker Already unlocked Brutality/Survival
Spartan Sandals Found at Runner (100% chance) Brutality
Spiked Boots Found at Thorny (0.4% chance) Brutality
Hayabusa Boots Found at the end of The Forgotten Sepulchre Brutality
Swift Sword Complete 1st daily run Brutality
Meat Skewer Complete 10th daily run Brutality
Hayabusa Gauntlets Found at Lancer (0.4% chance) Brutality
Symmetrical Lance Found at The Hand of the King on first kill Brutality/Survival

Ranged Weapons Locations

Weapon Blueprint Location Scaling
Beginner’s Bow Starter Weapon. Tactics
Bow and Endless Quiver Found at Undead Archer (0.03% chance) Tactics
Electric Whip Already unlocked Brutality/Tactics
Marksman’s Bow Find it behind the timed gate. Tactics/Survival
Infantry Bow Found at Undead Archer (1.7% chance) Brutality/Tactics
Ice Bow Found at Undead Archer (0.4% chance) Tactics
Heavy Crossbow Found at The Concierge on first kill Tactics/Survival
Repeater Crossbow Found at Dark Tracker (0.4% chance) Tactics
Throwing Knife Already unlocked Tactics
Fire Brands Already unlocked Brutality/Tactics
Duplex Bow Already unlocked Tactics
Hokuto’s Bow Found at Cannibal (1.7% chance) Brutality/Tactics
Ice Crossbow Found at the Time Keeper after second kill Tactics
Explosive Crossbow Find at Promenade of the Condemned. Tactics/Survival
Boomerang Behind a locked door in High Peaked Castle. Tactics
Alchemic Carbine In a secret room of the Ancient Sewers. Brutality/Tactics
Lightning Bolt Found at Inquisitor (1.7% chance) Tactics/Survival
Fire Torrent Found at Masker (1.7% chance) Brutality/Tactics
Frost Blast Already unlocked Tactics
Ice Shard Found at the Time Keeper on first kill Brutality/Tactics
Pyrotechnics Found at Orb Caster (1.7% chance) Tactics

That is all we have for our Dead Cells Weapons Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!