Hollow Knight Pale Ore Guide Locations Guide – Upgrade Nail Weapon

In a game where performance in combat is the lifeline of your character, you will need to make sure you are heading into every battle with the best of your options. When it comes to upgrading your main Nail Weapon, it is only possible via the use of Pale Ore. Below; we have highlighted Hollow Knight Pale Ore Locations for where you might find this item in the world of Hollow Knight.

Hollow Knight Pale Ore Locations

Even though you do not need Pale Ore for your first upgrade of Nail Weapon, the subsequent ones will require an increasing number of Pale Ores so it is essential you can find them. Since they will allow you to increase the damage potential of your weapon so it remains effective against tougher enemies, you need to sidetrack and complete certain tasks to acquire these ores.

Once you have collected all the Pale Ores and paid some Geo to the Nailsmith, you will have upgraded your regular Nail Weapon to the powerful The Knights Nail. In total, you can find six Pale Ore in the world of Hollow Knight. Check out the locations for each one below:

Hollownests Crown

Before you head to this particular place, make sure you have the Mantis Claw and Monarch Wings if you wish to access the Pale Ore. Now, head to the very top of Crystal Peak region where you will find the statue of The Radiance. Embedded inside, indicated by a bright shine, will be the Pale Ore.

Ancient Basin

To the left of the main entrance, nearby the tram station, there will be a spot that is guarded by two Lesser Mawleks. Take them down and then proceed to grab the Pale Ore.


This comes at the expense of exploring a secret location. If you make your way to the Hot Springs, you will notice a wall left of it which is breakable. This reveals a passageway in the form of a tunnel which leads you to a secret optional boss, Nosk. Defeat him and you will receive Pale Ore as the dropped loot.


Small creatures called Grubs are entrapped in containers riddled throughout the world of Hollow Knight. Once you are able to liberate 31 of them, you can head to the NPC, Grubfather, in Forgotten Crossroads who will reward you with the next Pale Ore.


Seer in Resting Grounds gets you an item known as Dreamnail which allows you to enter mysterious realms where you are able to collect Essence. Once you have collected about 300, head back to Seer and he will reward you with a Pale Ore.

Colosseum of Fools

In this particular location, you will need to complete three trails each with varying levels of difficulty: Trial of the Warrior, Trial of the Conqueror, and Trial of the Fool. After you have defeated all foes in these challenges, you will be granted the final Pale Ore and additionally, a decent 1800 Geo.

Now that you have all the parts that go into upgrading your weapon, test it out by destroying enemies left and right!

This is all we have in our Hollow Knight Pale Ore Locations Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!